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Who will get eliminated on The Bachelor tonight? That’s the only question that matters for any episode and the fans want answers. The Bachelor 2017 contestants have come a long way, but there’s more to come on their journey to win Nick Viall’s heart.

When it comes to The Bachelor episode 5, “who got eliminated on The Bachelor tonight?” is the question on everyone’s minds. Nick has had the opportunity to meet a lot of different girls, each one with different personalities and motivations, but unfortunately he can’t choose them all. There can only be one winner and everyone watching wants to know just who the lucky girl will be!

We’re getting closer to finding out who The Bachelor 2017 winner is going to be and we still can’t believe which girls have already been eliminated from the competition! Some of our favorite contestants have gone home with broken hearts and have left us wondering, who’s next on the chopping block? But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news, because ahead of tonight’s episode, The Bachelor 2017 spoilers have given us some insight as to what we can expect!

The Bachelor 2017 girls are getting a little more competitive, especially now that the number of contestants is decreasing each week. That means, they have a little bit of time to impress Nick before he makes his final pick. But who could it be? The Bachelor is starting to remind us of ABC’s version of Game of Thrones—you can’t get attached to a character, because they never last! And instead of blood, we get tears and lots of them. Fans have already been wondering which of the ladies will be lucky enough to have her own spin off and become the next Bachelorette. Who said it’s too early to think ahead, right? We can’t be sure who that will be yet, but we can give you a Bachelor recap and Bachelor spoilers to help give your Monday the jolt it so badly needs.

The Bachelor Episode 4 Recap

Not surprisingly, most of this recap involves Corinne and her many schemes and conspiracies. Many are surprised that she’s even still on the show, but in tonight’s episode, Nick will have to make a decision involving his possible future with Corinne. How it all turns out is anyone’s guess. At this point in the show, it seems like Corinne has a real Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing going on, as she seems to hide her crazy whenever she’s with Nick. Though her cameo in that Juicy J and 2 Chainz rap video sounds exciting, let us assure you it’s not (again, it looks like Corinne put her napping skills to good use for this riveting performance). Corinne might have one disadvantage and that’s her mother, who recently addressed the public in a video rant regarding her daughter and how she has been incorrectly portrayed on the show. It may have people wondering if the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree! Though it is completely understandable that Corinne’s mother wants the public to know that she’s not the villain she’s been made out to be, many feel that the way her mom handled it could have been better. Will Nick appreciate Corrine and her family’s antics if she makes it to the anticipated hometown dates? Maybe, maybe not, but she’s made it this far!

Next item on the Corinne menu is her alleged ex-boyfriend’s blog. Not only is her mom coming to her daughter’s aid, apparently an ex-boyfriend made a post on his blog, explaining how Corinne really is in person. He makes it seem like she’s an opportunist and that she’s got Nick (and all of the viewers) eating out of the palm of her hand, which is exactly why people are hooked on her.

We see you, Corinne! No one told you to go topless in the pool or put whipped cream on your “girls” but you went there! Even if she was told to let loose, she didn’t have to—but like her ex-boyfriend said, she’s playing the game better than all The Bachelor 2017 girls combined. The producers of the show know that Corinne is great for ratings, so it begs the question of whether or no Corinne really is a bad a she seems. Maybe Nick is really seeing something fans don’t! If Corinne wins this season, then we will gladly go topless in solidarity!

Corinne & Nick, The Bachelor

The Bachelor Spoilers

Corinne and Taylor are on a date with Nick and it doesn’t go well, of course. The girls fight over Nick and how Taylor thinks Corinne lied to Nick about their previous fight. Tonight, Nick is forced to deal with both girls, as they are chosen to attend the first two-on-one date, and apparently it is the end of the line for one of the two.


Last week, Taylor (who is a mental health counselor) told Corinne that she wasn’t certain if she had the emotional intelligence or maturity to deal with certain things (like marriage), but those words have apparently come back to haunt her. Now, Corinne is expressing her doubts about Taylor and things get heated.

“If you’re questioning me that I’m a mental health counselor, I think I have the right to question that you run a multi-million dollar company,” Taylor fires back at Corinne during their exchange. The preview for tonight’s episode even shows an irate Corinne threatening to punch Taylor “right in the face.” We can only imagine the tension during their two-on-one dinner date with Nick!

Taylor & Nick, The Bachelor

But what’s bigger than the dinner date drama is who gets eliminated near the end of the show! According to Reality Steve, ultimately Taylor gets eliminated! But not so fast Corinne, because you’re not safe either. Who is the winner of The Bachelor 2017? In the end, it reportedly comes down to Vanessa and Raven, but Vanessa gets the final rose! Could it be? We won’t know for sure until the final episode, so don’t give up hope just yet! After all, there’s always a chance Reality Steve could be wrong! To get the truth of the real winner and tonight’s outcome, don’t forget to watch all-new episodes of The Bachelor on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. EST, on ABC.