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Another exciting episode of The Bachelor is over, and we got ourselves another elimination. Who got eliminated on The Bachelor tonight? Brittany and Christen were the two contestants who were sent home.

The Bachelor keeps getting interesting. The claws have been out since week one, and they just keep getting sharper. Now that we are on The Bachelor week 4, and things are definitely heating up. We will let you know about The Bachelor eliminations, and who made it to see Nick Viall’s hometown. If you have not yet watched last night’s episode, this is your warning that this article has The Bachelor 2017 spoilers.

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Before we get to the eliminations, here is a quick Bachelor recap. The week started with a pool party that Corinne spoiled for the other girls with her own bouncy castle. Vanessa was a little upset with Nick, and asked if he was looking for a wife or just somebody to fool around with. Nick told her that he cared about her, and his actions, so we will just have to see if he will actually show her that.

Who Went Home on The Bachelor Tonight?

Before the rose ceremony, Sarah and Taylor cornered Corinne to tell her to get her act together. Chris Harrison and Nick had a long discussion about how the other girls were affected by Corinne’s behavior. However, even after the discussion, Nick gave a rose to Corinne. Since we did not see last week’s rose ceremony, we got it at the start of this week’s episode. The Bachelor contestants who were sent home are Christen and Brittany.

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A Trip to Nick’s Hometown

The next day, the remaining 15 girls headed to Nick’s hometown in Wisconsin. The one-on-one date went to Danielle L, and Nick took her on a little tour of his hometown. They saw a lot of Nick’s “firsts,” and even bumped into one of Nick’s  ex-girlfriends, who had nothing but good things to say about him.

Danielle L. opened up to Nick on their date. She told him that her parents divorced when she was young and it made her not want to rush into love. She seems to have a bit of a guard up because of this, but she definitely sees something special in Nick. Nick believes that Danielle L. could be a good match for him, so she might stay a bit longer.

Raven had the second one-on-one date. Nick took her to his sister’s soccer game, and Raven was the first girl to meet Nick’s parents and his sister, Bella. After the game, they went rollerskating and Raven looked like she was bonding with Bella.

At dinner, Raven opened up to Nick about her past relationship and why it ended. She explained to Nick that she had actually walked in on her ex sleeping with another girl. When she caught him, she said she lost her mind and began to beat him with the other girl’s stiletto. Nick seemed impressed with the story, which likely prompted Raven to admit (on camera, in private) that she was falling in love with Nick. Whether it was the story or what followed, Raven was given a rose.

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Now Back to Corinne…

We all know that The Bachelor is all about the drama, so here it is! Nick took the contestants on a group date to a dairy farm. The girls were put to work, doing everything from scooping stinky manure to milking cows. Corinne was not happy about the group date and apparently “lost circulation in her hands,” so she decided to sit this one out. She sat on the sidelines watching the other girls shovel cow poop while she complained about the smells. Nick decided not to comment, but the other girls were visibly displeased.

Corinne had an argument with Sarah and Kristina, who both called her immature. When Sarah brought up Corinne’s nap during the last rose ceremony, Corinne decided to note that Michael Jordan and Abraham Lincoln also took naps in their lives. (Her responses are almost comical sometimes!) Kristina then commented on Corinne’s disappearing act, to which Corinne said it was a panic attack, not a nap. Corinne was upset and felt personally attacked. But then, she decided to run off to Nick and let him know that she confronted the girls and that everything is sorted.

At the rose ceremony, Corinne and Taylor get into it by the fire. Corinne calls Taylor out for being mean to her, and Taylor bites back with comments questioning Corinne’s maturity. Taylor, who works in the mental health field, calls Corinne “emotionally unintelligent,” but when she tries to explain to Corinne what she meant, it just makes her more upset. In a preview for next week’s episode, we see a fiery Corinne threatening to punch Taylor in the face! We will have to wait until next week to see what happens!

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With only 15 girls left, this is only the start of the fights and jealousy. Nick will have to make sure he does not get caught in the crossfire!

With so much drama anticipated for the next episode, it will be exciting to see whose side Nick will be on, if he even gets involved. Another exciting episode of The Bachelor will air on January 30 at 8:00 p.m. EST on ABC. So, don’t miss it!