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Fans either love or hate Corinne Olympios from The Bachelor season 21. Olympios was determined to get Nick Viall to choose her from the 29 other beautiful women, but ultimately failed. She fought long and hard to make it to the final four, and though she made it that far, her journey ended there. Read more about her in our Corinne Olympios wiki.

The Bachelor season 21 is loaded with beautiful women! Nick Viall had the chance to spend time with 30 women to potentially find his future wife. Would any guy not want to be in Viall’s shoes? Especially if you got the chance to meet Corinne Olympios! Ever since the show’s premiere on January 2, people are eager to know more about Corinne Olympios from The Bachelor, as she is the woman who likely left the biggest impression on all. She is a model and actress, who turns heads wherever she goes because of her beautiful appearance and eccentric personality. The set of The Bachelor was no different, as Corinne caused a bit of chaos among the other girls in the house. Dubbed this season’s “villain,” you can’t help but love to hate her, so here are some details from Corinne Olympios’ wiki!

Financially Independent

Olympios is 24 years old from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is Greek/American. Not much is known about her family, except that they are very rich and have a multi-million dollar business. Olympios herself owns an online business that she is very enthusiastic about. “I own an online business. It’s very important to me, but the cool thing is it’s online, so I can run it from anywhere,” explains Olympios. Her business provides her with enough money for her to travel and live comfortably.

At the end of 2016, Corinne Olympios’ net worth was $250,000, but it is sure to rise, especially after her unforgettable appearance on the show. After all, she made it to the final four on The Bachelor season 21 and has already appeared on multiple talkshows.

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Bold and Beautiful

Olympios studied at Florida International University, where she was involved in the theater. Her stunning looks and sexy figure got her noticed and soon she signed on with DDO Artists Agency. Now, she is a regular visitor to Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City, where she does most of her modeling work. She has appeared in several music videos with artists such as Pitbull, Lil Jon, and Akon. She did a campaign for the Cover Male underwear line, where she appears topless (much like her wedding shoot date on the show). You can check out more of Corinne Olympios’ pics online.

Die Hard Romantic

Olympios tried her hand in acting after filming a pilot episode for Unorthodox Approach. However, the series never took off. Despite traveling to so many exciting cities for her work, Olympios says that she thinks Chicago is most romantic city because, “It has a lot of fun activities you want to share with someone special.” She says that she hates it if a guy she’s dating is so in love with himself that won’t talk about anything else. Her idea of an ultimate date is, “Just us, the ultimate dining experience in an amazing place.”

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If Wishes Came True

Olympios says that she often has embarrassing moments, but that there are too many to count! She also feels that if she were an animal, she would be a cheetah because they are strong and fierce. Considering her stint on the show, we think her description is apt (a snake is another viable option…). If she could be any fictional character, Olympios said she would be Snow White, because she wants to find her Prince Charming.

Blonde and Determined

Corinne Olympios’ bold approach on The Bachelor had some takers, but most were happy to see her leave. Though she was pegged as the show’s villain, neither her nor her family paid any mind to it, as Olympios maintains that she was just herself throughout the filming of the show. Her mother believes the producers manipulated the show to make her look they way they wanted for ratings. As her attempt at finding love on television failed, we wonder what other adventures are in the cards for her!

The Bachelor 2017 Contestant Corinne Olympios

Photo: ABC/Mitch Haaseth

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