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[SPOILER ALERT] HBO wrapped the Succession saga with an ending that left fans with so many questions. At the end of the series finale, Kendall lost everything he dreamt about. As he stares off into the sunset, he has only one loyal person by his side before the screen fades to black. The person Kendall shares the last scene of Succession with is Colin, the “fixer.” Scott Nicholson has played the role from the start of the series. But the actor behind the Royco security guard has slipped under fans’ radar. Read on to find out more about Scott Nicholson, the actor behind Colin on Succession.

Scott Nicholson’s Family

Scott Nicholson was born on August 18, 1968.

The thespian is married to Lisa Nicholson, a former actor herself.

Scott and Lisa are parents to two adult daughters, Emma and Olivia. Olivia, who goes by Liv Nicholson, is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter.

Liv Nicholson graduated from Belmont University in 2019 after studying songwriting. She has been steadily releasing music, which her dad is promoting.


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Liv recently joined Scott to get in on the action of the Succession series finale. Neither of them know what their next job will be, but they put a hilarious spin on it in a joint Instagram post.

After the final scene with Kendall and Colin, fans flooded that same post with positive encouragement. They reassured Liv that her dad would be getting acting offers and her own talent would be taking her places soon.

Scott Nicholson’s Career

Scott Nicholson touts himself as an actor and filmmaker. He has a theater background, even sharing the stage with his wife, Lisa.

Some of Nicholson’s posts on the anniversary of 9/11 hint that he and a friend were at ground zero. He lost his friend in the attacks.

Nicholson has worked on camera doing minor roles under big titles. Most often he’s played a nameless police officer.

His cop roles have been in Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995), The Devil’s Own (1997), Cookies (1999), The Yards (2000), Third Watch (2000), Deadline (2001), The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), The Michael J. Fox Show (2014), and Drunk Parents (2019), among others. Nicholson’s appeared on Law & Order and its spin-offs several times, even playing three different types of officers in the popular franchise.

Scott Nicholson as Colin on Succession

His role on Colin Stiles was his biggest break in a three-decades-long career. Nicholson as Colin made his first appearance on Succession season 1 episode 1. Colin has been a silent shadow to Logan Roy for the better part of the four seasons.

Every time the character spoke, he made an impact. Nicholson told Vulture, “He’s always there; he’s always watching. I don’t want to say he’s “lurking” in the background, but he has a support group of people he can glean information from to report back to Logan at any given moment. I think Colin has to be omnipresent. He’s an interesting character because he doesn’t need to speak all the time. He carries the weight of Logan.”

On paper, he worked security in that standard on-screen guard persona with a dark suit and earpiece. Through the course of the story, Colin’s true job was revealed: covering up the Roy family’s dirty secrets, including getting signatures on NDAs and cleaning up manslaughters. He did it all without second-guessing and kept a stoic face. It made Roy family members trust Colin even more than each other.

Colin has had a few memorable moments throughout the series. Fans were especially surprised when the show revealed that the character is married and has a kid. Colin’s response to Logan Roy’s demise particularly left viewers enraptured. Kudos to Nicholson for making an impact with that scene.

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With Colin seeming to have lost his purpose with the death of Logan, it looks like he switches his loyalty to Kendall. At the end of the show, a despondent Kendall walks to the river and stares in a daze. Colin stays close by, as the scene fades to black.

Nicholson made some lifelong friends on the sets of Succession. He shares glimpses of their hangouts on Instagram. In the buildup to the final season and the series finale, the actor shared some interesting behind-the-scenes memories on social media.