Natasha Bertrand has a background in politics. That makes her one of the most insightful reporters on the Trump–Russia investigation. But what more do we know about her? Find out more about this young journalist, right here in our Natasha Bertrand wiki. 

You might be familiar with Natasha Bertrand. The journalist has extensively covered the ongoing Trump–Russia investigation and has appeared on several TV news panels to talk about it. But she’s more famous for a certain incident with President Trump’s lawyer months ago. Natasha Bertrand undoubtedly asks the tough questions. We’ve got all the details you need in our Natasha Bertrand wiki.

She Started Early

Very little is known about Natasha Bertrand’s early life when she lived in New York. She attended Vassar College in New York where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy.

She got her journalistic start at Vassar as the assistant editor and op-ed columnist for the Vassar College Miscellany News. A college newspaper is serious business, mind you. She helped plan the contents of the publication, verified every detail, wrote and edited op-ed pieces, developed ideas, and assigned writers.


As if that wasn’t enough, she covered national and international political news on a weekly basis. All this while playing in the Vassar College orchestra! Did we mention that she’s fluent in Spanish, as well?

She went on to study Government and Philosophy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). In London, she also participated in the LSE Orchestra.

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She Started Internationally

Bertrand started as a research intern at FRIDE, a European think-tank based in Spain. She was also a corporate social responsibility intern at IPIECA in London.

She ventured into journalism when she was hired as an editorial intern by Business Insider in 2014. Three months on the job and she was promoted to reporter!

She went from breaking news editor to senior reporter and is currently the political correspondent for the publication. In February, she will join The Atlantic as a staff writer covering national security and the intelligence community, where she will continue to follow the Trump–Russia investigation.

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She Ruffles Feathers

Back in September 2017, Bertrand wrote an analysis regarding the firing of former FBI director, James Comey. The piece she wrote contained excerpts of the letter Trump drafted to Comey explaining his ouster. The letter was never sent, but Bertrand wrote in the piece that the letter could be used by Robert Mueller as evidence in his current investigation.

Bertrand later emailed Ty Cobb, the White House special counsel, to ask why the letter was not sent. Cobb refused to answer but said that Trump had wide support within the White House to fire Comey.

When she asked more follow-up questions, Cobb responded with “Are you on drugs? Have you read anything else on this???”

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Bertrand posted screenshots of her exchange with Cobb on Twitter. The response was massive. Cobb’s unprofessional behavior was criticized by Twitterati. She responded to him that she was not on drugs, but he has since been silent on the matter.

“Cobb supposedly has a great reputation and is a very respected lawyer,” Bertrand said. “He was brought in to bring some discipline to the whole operation. So I wasn’t expecting that response to what I thought was a pretty basic question.”

She’s certainly making waves in the political world and we can’t wait to see her work with The Atlantic soon!

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