Chasten Glezman, and Mayor Peter Buttigieg at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on October 20, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for GLSEN)

About Chasten Glezman
Known AsChasten Buttigieg
Age34 Years
BirthJune 23, 1989 Traverse City, Michigan
SpousePete Buttigieg 2018 - Present
ParentsSherri Glezman, Terry Glezman
AddressSouth Bend, Indiana
AlumniDePaul University, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Works ForThe Montessori Academy Edison Lakes
HometownTraverse City, Michigan

Pete Buttigieg is exploring the Democratic presidential candidacy for 2020. If the South Bend, Indiana mayor does become president, not only will he be the first openly gay POTUS, but he’ll also come with the first First Gentleman. Pete Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten Buttigieg (formerly Chasten Glezman), is becoming increasingly popular as Pete’s campaign picks up steam. He’s certainly getting noticed, which calls for a Chasten Glezman wiki for more on Pete Buttigieg’s “not-so-secret weapon.”

Chasten Glezman Is from Michigan

Born Chasten Glezman on June 23, 1989 to Terry and Sherri Glezman, he hails from Traverse City, Michigan where he grew up with his two older brothers.

Chasten grew up in a conservative, Roman Catholic household. His family runs a landscaping business in their hometown.

After coming out to his parents, Glezman moved out when he was 18. He soon went to Germany on a student exchange program.

Glezman spent a few years in Wisconsin where he attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He graduated in 2011 with a degree in theater arts and global studies.

He later studied teacher education and curriculum studies at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated in 2017 with an M.Ed in curriculum studies.

Chasten Came out to His Parents When He Was 18

Chasten Buttigieg keynoting Indivisible, HRC Houston’s 22nd annual gala.

Posted by OutSmart Magazine on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Speaking at a Human Rights Campaign (HRC) gala this month, Glezman shared how he came out to his parents. He recalled that he was 18 when he told his parents he was gay.

Their relationship dynamic changed after that and he moved out of the house. “I don’t recall my parents specifically saying I couldn’t live at home anymore, but I was made to believe I needed to leave,” he said.

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He would live in his car or sleep on his friends’ couches while taking classes at the community college.

In college, he joined the local body of the HRC and stuck the HRC bumper sticker on his car. The sticker proved to be an identifier for other queer folk to know Glezman was one of them, and helped build his own community with people who were going through similar experiences.

Glezman has since become a role model among the LGBTQ+ community. He also said that his relationship with his parents is a lot better now.

Glezman Is a Teacher in South Bend

Before he came out, Glezman faced several struggles. At that time, he found comfort in his high school drama teacher who encouraged him to be himself. And on the days it got difficult, she let him hide in the auditorium until he felt better.

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Inspired by her, Glezman went on to become a teacher and advocate for the arts. He moved from Wisconsin to Milwaukee where he was a Teaching Artist for First Stage and worked with students with autism and other learning disabilities.

While attending DePaul University, he worked as a substitute teacher in Chicago public schools.

He currently teaches humanities at a Montessori school in South Bend, though he is reportedly on leave as the couple hits the campaign trail. As of 2019, he’s the director of curriculum at the South Bend Civic Theatre.

He hopes to be the same supportive teacher he had the good fortune of having when he was a teen. Chasten now serves as the adviser of the school’s Diversity Club. He lets these children, not unlike him when he was their age, use his classroom to be open about themselves. He also answers their questions, helps ease their dilemmas, and is upfront about the difficulties they will face in life.

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Glezman and Buttigieg Met on the Dating App Hinge

Buttigieg, who had a distinguished military career, came out as gay in a 2015 essay in the South Bend Tribune, during his second term as mayor. In August of that same year, he began dating a junior high school teacher, Chasten Glezman.

They met on the dating app Hinge and got to know each other over FaceTime. They agreed to meet in September, for which Glezman flew from Chicago to South Bend. On their first date, they went around South Bend and watched a minor league baseball game with the South Bend Cubs.

Glezman moved in with the mayor in South Bend in 2016. He would commute to Chicago three days a week while working towards his M.Ed.

They announced their engagement in December 2017 and tied the knot on June 23, 2018. It was the first time that a sitting mayor in South Bend got married during his term. Glezman has gone by Chasten Buttigieg since getting married.

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The private ceremony at the Cathedral of Saint James Episcopal church on Lafayette Boulevard was streamed live on the church’s YouTube channel. They then celebrated their wedding at the local LGBTQ Pride Week block party.

Pete Buttigieg announced he is exploring a 2020 presidential campaign in January. And Glezman is right by his husband’s side on the campaign and fundraising trail.

Buttigieg has dubbed his husband his “not-so-secret weapon,” and rightfully so. While the mayor’s appeal in polls is growing positively, it’s safe to say that Glezman has surpassed the prospective presidential candidate in terms of popularity. And Mayor Pete loves that fact.

Glezman’s appeal is thanks to his engaging presence both in crowds and online. He’s known to be witty and funny, with a knack for improv stemming from his theater background. He’s profound and inspiring, especially for troubled LGBTQ+ youth. His Twitter is testimony to his way with words.

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