NFL coach Jason Garrett and Brill Garrett attend 6th Annual NFL Honors at Wortham Theater Center on February 4, 2017 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

About Brill Garrett
Known AsBrill Aldridge
Age58 Years
BirthDecember 8, 1965
SpouseJason Garrett 1994 - Present
SiblingsJeff Aldridge
ParentsJudy Aldridge, Jeffrey Aldridge
OwnsJason Garrett Starfish Charities
AlumniHarvard University, Princeton University, Central High School

Most people know Brill Garrett as the wife of the former football player and current coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett. But what they don’t know is that there’s a lot more to the educated and highly intelligent blonde beauty. Regardless of what you think of her husband, Brill Garrett is far from just being Jason Garrett’s wife. Read our Brill Garrett wiki to learn more about her.

Brill Garrett Hails from Illinois

Born Brill Aldrige on December 8, 1965, she was raised in Illinois alongside her brother, Jeff Aldridge. Brill attended Central High School in Hinsdale, Illinois from 1980 to 1984.

Her father, Jeffrey Aldridge, died in November 2019. He is survived by Brill, Jeff, and their mother, Judy Aldridge.

Brill and Jason Met at Princeton

Brill went on to earn her undergraduate degree from Princeton University, where she met her future husband, Jason Garrett, during their freshman year geology class.

This is how Brill tells the story of how they met:

“We would have a lab once a week and the lab was on Thursdays from one until four and so I, of course, noticed him early on. I realized he left the first lab early, and the next week he left lab early, and then the next week… so I thought, what is going on? I gathered my courage and I asked him, ‘Why are you always leaving lab early?’ And he looked at me like, ‘Well, don’t you know I have baseball practice?’”

From the very beginning, it was obvious that Brill had a massive crush on Jason and it took a lot of courage for her to approach him. But in the end, her determination paid off. They graduated from Princeton together in 1988.

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She Married Jason after 10 Years of Dating

Brill Garrett went on to study law at another prestigious Ivy League school, Harvard University. In many capacities, Brill is an accomplished lawyer and community advocate.

Brill and Jason dated for about a decade while they were both pursuing higher education and working on building their respective careers, before finally tying the knot in 1994. The ceremony was very small and intimate, with only close family and friends in attendance.

She Went from Player’s Wife to Coach’s Wife

Over the course of their 25-year relationship, Brill has supported her husband throughout his football career, from his college days at Princeton to his current, albeit largely scrutinized and unsuccessful, stint as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys (but more on that later).

During an interview, Brill was asked what differences she’s experienced between being a player’s wife and being the wife of a head coach. Here’s what she had to say:

“I hope that I’m able to bring that experience of being a player’s wife to our team today so that we have that bridge and we have that connection and that bond among all of our wives, that we really are all on the same team. And so, we have such a great group of wives right now and I’m hopeful that message always carries through when we’re winning and when we face some adversity.”

Jason was promoted from offensive coordinator and assistant head coach to interim head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in 2010 following Wade Phillips’ departure from the team. At the time, he and Brill were already living in Texas.

Brill and Jason Garrett

Posted by American Diabetes Association – North Texas on Friday, June 10, 2011

Unfortunately, due to a lot of bad calls and massive missteps on his part, Jason is facing a lot of adversity and flack from Cowboys fans.

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Brill Garrett Is a Passionate Literacy Advocate

An avid reader all her life, Brill believes in the power of educating and molding young minds from an early age to not only appreciate and fall in love with reading, but also use it as a tool to further fuel their future ambitions and learn to think critically.

In 2018, Brill worked alongside former First Lady Laura Bush to host the Dallas and Fort Worth Celebration of Reading event, which was initially spearheaded by the late former First Lady Barbara Bush, through the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.

At the event, Brill commended the original former First Lady Bush by saying that it was “a tremendous honor to help continue the work she began, bringing amazing authors to Dallas and inspiring people to embrace reading while supporting local family literacy initiatives.”

One week before the event, Brill gave an insightful radio interview with 5 Points Blue, where she discussed the importance of literacy in people’s personal lives as well as professional endeavors. She also highlighted the importance of family literacy across the board, stating that literacy isn’t just for children. Brill believes adults also need to have moderate-to-advanced reading and comprehension skills to function and be successful, productive members of society.

She went on to say, “No matter what your political persuasion, everyone agrees that all of us should be able to read and it’s something that we should be teaching in our schools, we do teach in our schools, but we need to make sure that we’re allowing children to know how to read and then have that tool to enjoy it.

“And it is also what allows us to become informed citizens, so that we’re in a position to make votes that we know what we’re voting for. That’s the idea of our democracy—you have to be able to read to vote and to be an informed citizen, which is the basis of our democracy.”

In addition to the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy’s Celebration of Reading, Brill is also involved with the Cowboys Wives Association, which includes current and former players, their families, coaches, and team owners. Brill also participates in other reading advocacy programs, including one initiated by The Cowboys Wives Association at Gabe Allen Elementary School in South Dallas.

Alongside some of the other wives in the association, Brill participates in both one-on-one and group reading programs at the school to help motivate and teach young students to read. For a number of years, Brill has been volunteering with the fourth-grade class at Gabe Allen. She reads age-appropriate young adult and adolescent novels that contain relatable subject matter, to entice them to become more personally invested in the stories.

She’s also committed to serving her community well, through her reading advocacy initiatives and support of various charitable organizations.

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She Established a Charitable Foundation with Jason

Brill and Jason also have their own charitable foundation called Jason Garrett Starfish Charities, which they started in 1997. The primary goal of the foundation is to help young, up-and-coming talents at the high school and college level gain their footing in the sports world and hone their skills through camp training and become more eligible to receive scholarships.

Another facet of the foundation is to promote reading at Gabe Allen by hosting a book club. Each student is given a reading level- and grade level-appropriate book to read. The foundation works closely with the teachers at the school to come up with an appropriate curriculum, including lesson plans, homework assignments, and a grading rubric.

Considering approximately 36 million Americans struggle with literacy, it’s certainly a worthy cause.

Children Don’t Seem to Be in Their Future

Despite working with young children on a regular basis through their various community-based projects, having children of their own doesn’t seem to be on the horizon for Brill and Jason.

They’ve been married for 25 years, and the prospect of having children of their own doesn’t seem to interest them much. But they still love partaking in family traditions involving their nieces and nephews.

One such family tradition includes celebrating Thanksgiving on the Friday before the holiday—a longstanding tradition that began in 1994 when Jason was playing football as the Cowboys’ third-string quarterback.

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Brill and Jason Aren’t Active on Social Media

Neither Brill nor Jason seem to have big social media presences. Brill doesn’t seem to have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, whereas Jason does have an Instagram and Twitter account, but he rarely posts anything.

That’s probably for the best, given all of the harsh criticism he receives from Dallas Cowboys fans on a regular basis.

Jason has recently fallen under fire due to some questionable coaching decisions he’s made throughout his career—not to mention some of his inappropriate decorum on the sidelines. The hashtag #FireGarrett has been trending all over the Twittersphere, with Cowboys fans urging team owner Jerry Jones to act accordingly.

On November 28, one fan tweeted:

“Attention All Cowboys Fans, we must send a message. No fan shall attend another game at home this season, or purchase any merchandise if Jason Garrett is not Fired by the weekend. If we hit Jones in the wallet maybe he’ll listen. Spread the word! #FireGarrett”

And just to prove how angry he is about the situation, another fan tweeted the following in all caps:


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