Rachel Bush attends The Maxim Big Game Experience at The Fairmont on February 02, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Maxim)

About Rachel Bush
Known AsRachel Leigh Bush, Rachel Poyer
Age26 Years
BirthNovember 1, 1997
SpouseJordan Poyer February 2018 - Present
ChildrenAliyah Poyer
SiblingsJordan Bush
ParentsMary Bush, Tony Bush
AlumniFlorida Atlantic University, Newcomb Central School
HometownNewcomb, New York

Jordan Poyer and his wife, Rachel Bush, have had a roller coaster of a relationship. These days Rachel turns up the heat on Instagram, but she first caught attention for a string of scandals. The couple has weathered every controversy to emerge more united than ever. But just to give you a refresher, we’ve detailed their dramatic relationship in Rachel Bush’s wiki.

Rachel Bush Is from New York

Rachel Leigh Bush was born on November 1, 1997 to Mary and Tony Bush. She and her younger sister, Jordan Bush, were raised in Newcomb, New York.

Rachel attended Newcomb Central School, her mother’s alma mater. Bush later moved to Florida for her career and enrolled at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

Bush Was a Pageant Girl

In 2013, a teen Rachel came across an advertisement for the Miss New York pageant while idly scrolling through Facebook. On a whim, she clicked on the ad and ended up applying to the pageant.

Miss New York left her mind until the pageant responded with a letter saying she was accepted. She was interviewed over the phone, passed a test, sent her photographs, and was soon selected for the teen division of the Miss New York 2014 competition.

She went on to become a semifinalist and though she didn’t win, the pageant opened up a career in modeling.

She Is Now an Instagram Model

After the Miss New York pageant, Rachel and her sister signed with Premiere Model Management in New Smyrna, Florida. Before she would move to California for good, Rachel had been flying back and forth for shoots.

Eventually she found fame on Instagram with her sultry posts. She now boasts 1.1 million followers and counting on the platform.

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Bush Alleged LeBron James Slid into Her DMs

The Twitterverse was briefly obsessed with an alleged interaction between Bush and current Lakers star LeBron James in 2016. It happened when Bush and then-Cleveland Browns safety Jordan Poyer were dating and she was in Cleveland.

A then-18-year-old Rachel posted a screenshot of a DM she got from James’ official Instagram account on her profile. The message simply read “Hey what’s up.” It didn’t appear out of the ordinary until Rachel was spotted at a Cavaliers game with Jordan Poyer.

While speculation was abound that James was creeping around an Instagram model’s profile, Bush came to his defense on the Billy Madison Show. While she confirmed the message was real and came from the real LeBron James account, she didn’t believe the NBA pro sent it.

“He has a wife and two, three kids. He respects them, I respect him. They have certain people running their pages sometimes,” she said. “You get DMed by multiple people. That has been the scenario, where their friends or their manager have tried to talk to me pretending to be them.”

That same year, Bush also alleged that her man’s rival, Antonio Brown, also slid into her DMs.

Poyer and Bush Have a Daughter Together

Rachel Bush and Jordan Poyer have been dating since 2015, with Rachel setting her Facebook status to “in a relationship” in 2016.

Bush and Poyer welcomed their daughter, Aliyah Poyer, on December 30, 2016. Aliyah has her own Instagram account managed by her parents that has around 5K followers.


After Aliyah was born, Rachel officially became Mrs. Poyer on February 17, 2018. The ceremony was held in Jamaica with Poyer’s Buffalo Bills teammates in attendance.

Bush and Poyer Apparently Cheated on Each Other

2018 was a dramatic year for Bush and Poyer. Not only did they tie the knot that year, they also dealt with relationship troubles.

You might have heard of rumors of Poyer cheating on his wife in early 2018. The rumors were seemingly confirmed when the NFL pro wrote a public apology to his wife.

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“In life we all make mistakes. Best thing to do is learn from them and to not make the same mistake twice. Letting down the ppl that mean the most to me sucks … I’m sorry @Rachel_Bush I love you to death .. can’t wait for us to grow stronger [sic],” tweeted Poyer.

Bush publicly accepted his apology, tweeting: “I want to make clear that I am no angel either and did things that could’ve pushed him to that point … Before we were married but no excuse on either end. Two wrongs most certainly do not make a right.” Her tweet implied that she also cheated on Poyer before they married.

The couple had apparently moved on until October 2018, when Summer Rae, the alleged woman Poyer had an affair with, exposed the alleged text exchange between her and Bush.

“After 4 months of being harassed/lied to I finally grew a pair and am sticking up for myself … hoping this will all end sooner rather than later,” Rae said on Instagram before sharing the texts between her and Rachel.

“I was told you guys were divorcing … I was not with Jordan when you called me so no I didn’t lie. Yes, there is videos … and no this isn’t a game, I don’t want your husband, I don’t want to hurt or ruin your family, I saw that y’all got back together when he came to visit you, so I said my goodbyes to him and was happy for him. It wasn’t like that at all, ik you won’t believe me and it’s already to this point and whatever happens after this I wish you guys the best!” read some of the texts Rae exchanged with Bush.

Bush responded to Rae by revealing the texts in her Instagram stories, saying, “Last comment i will make on this situation so it is VERY clear to everyone. I f****d up. Jordan got his feelings hurt. Lashed out with some little hoe hoe in his DMs at time from buffalo. Girl is crazy and won’t stop texting Jordan or me. I read texts of her crazy ass speaking on MY CHILD and family situation. YES i got big mad. The end lol. Now what I decide to do with my life and my daughter from here on out is completely up to me.”

She went on to put Rae on blast in a series of tweets. Rachel and Jordan have since moved on from the drama and continue to put on an united front.


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