Tekashi69 Wiki: Real Name, Net Worth, Tattoos, & Facts to Know

Tekashi69 wiki
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Still trying to make it big in the rap world, Tekashi69’s net worth is not currently known. But it looks like he is ready to conquer the world with his music. If you want to know more about him, then take a look at our Tekashi69 wiki.

Tekashi69’s Wiki

Rapper Tekashi69’s real name is Daniel Hernandez. He was raised in Bushwick, but has Mexican and Puerto Rican roots, and was born on May 18, 1996, which makes Tekashi69’s age 21. His father was murdered when Tekashi69 was 13 years old. The rapper was expelled from school in the eighth grade and never returned.

After his father’s death, his family was not financially stable. So, to support his mother, he started working as a busboy, and also had jobs at a bodega, and even sold weed to make ends meet.


Who Is Tekashi69?

Growing up, he listened to a lot of rap, and was eventually encouraged by his friends to start rapping. The same year, he collaborated with Bodega Bamz, who said, “My n***a is insane. He’s like a mixture of Danny Brown and Odd Future. His s**t is crazy. I think because of the shock value that he brings, he’s gonna be one of those artists that you wont be able to turn the TV off to.” It does not look like Tekashi69 has an official YouTube account, but his music videos have been uploaded through the Slovakian label, F*ckthem.


Earlier this year, the rapper had the opportunity to go on his first ever European tour, and might drop an EP before the end of 2017.


Tekashi69’s Tattoos

It was reported that the up and coming rapper has over 200 tattoos of the number 69 inked on his body. To him, the number is a lifestyle. He represents #scumgang, which is an acronym for “society can’t understand me,” and he says that he lives to take a stand for those who cannot stand up for themselves. He took part in an AIDS walk in New York for a friend who was diangosed with the disease. For that friend, he also had “HIV” inked on his back, and allegedly wants to start his own brand of condoms.


He Went to Jail at a Very Young Age

Tekashi69 was reportedly sent to prison for beating up the owner of the store he worked at, and selling heroin outside of it.  Because he was a minor, he was allegedly jailed for a few months. However, since his release, the rapper focussed on his music and building his career.


In August 2017, there were allegations that Tekashi69 performed sexual acts with a minor, which lost him some close friends and collaborators. However, no further details were provided about the claims.

Tekashi69’s Net Worth

Currently, Tekashi69’s net worth is not known, but his songs like “Go Crazy,” “Exodia” “Oweee” and “Zeta Zero 0.5” are continuously streamed by fans. For the latest on the rapper’s new music, make sure to follow him on Instagram, which now has about 270k followers.