Lil Pump’s Net Worth: Leading the Gucci Gang to the Bank

Lil Pump Net Worth

Lil Pump is fairly new to the rap scene and rather young, but he’s starting to gain steam in the music world. How rich is Lil Pump? A kid of his age and length of career can’t be that rich, or can he? We’ll examine Lil Pump’s life, career, tours, and known assets to see if we can answer the questions about Lil Pump’s net worth. Keep reading to know how much money Lil Pump has.

Lil Pump’s Background

Lil Pump was born Gazzy Garcia on August 17, 2000. Beyond that, most of his private life is pretty much unknown. We know that Lil Pump is currently based in Miami, Florida, which is most likely where he also grew up.

After being kicked out of school in the ninth grade for a fight, Lil Pump focused his energy on becoming a rapper. His career officially began in 2016.


An Example of the New Breed

Lil Pump is a prime example of an artist who’s coming up in a new age. The record industry is not the same as it was when Ice Cube and Dr. Dre entered the scene. Record companies are not the only means of getting noticed now.


You have to keep in mind that Lil Pump is only 17 and never lived in the world without the Internet or cell phones. He grew up finding music through YouTube and SoundCloud as opposed to going to a record store and digging through stacks of CDs or listening to the radio waiting to hear something new.




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YouTube and SoundCloud became the best platforms for people to listen to Lil Pump’s songs, which were completely free right from the beginning. While this may seem like a strange business model at first, it worked quite well for him. Not only is this a cheap and easy way to get Lil Pump’s music out there, but he also has the potential to earn ad revenue from his videos.

Lil Pump’s YouTube account currently has over 1,841,000 subscribers, and his SoundCloud account has over 600,000 followers.

The rapper’s social media pages are supporting these music-based accounts. Lil Pump’s Instagram account currently has 4.9 million followers, with his Facebook trailing behind at over 600,000 followers, and Twitter at just under 600,000.

While many fans are following him on different accounts, it’s still a huge mass of people that Lil Pump can reach at the touch of a button. These platforms are used for getting the word out about his music in an almost instant fashion.

Lil Pump also realized that there is even more money to be made by going on the road. In the past, artists made a most of their income from album sales. But nowadays, that switched back to touring.

As soon as he felt that he could do well, Lil Pump went out on his first tour. And, by most accounts, Lil Pump’s tour did well.

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How Rich Is He?

The financial mechanics in the music industry are very different than they used to be, but Lil Pump seems to know what he’s doing within the new business model. We also know that he is already spending big money.

From Lil Pump’s house to luxury cars, we know that he bought a few extravagant items. He owns a nice yellow Porsche, for example, and a home in the Miami area. But he’s only been in the game for just over a year.

So, how rich is Lil Pump? The truth is, we’re not sure. He hasn’t really been around long enough to get a real gauge on how much money he’s pulling in on a regular basis. It is quite obvious that Lil Pump doing quite well, and this is without the use of a record label or even a proper album.

Regardless, it seems as though Lil Pump is making bank. And given his current momentum, it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.