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This week’s iZombie takes off from the previous episode where both humans and zombies have secret extremist groups working in the background. While Major is dealing with dissension within Fillmore-Graves, Liv’s culinary side goes up a notch. Except it’s very Hell’s Kitchen-like. If you missed out, our iZombie season 5 episode 7 recap will fill in all the missing gaps.

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Liv Enters Hell’s Kitchen

This week’s episode titled “Filleted to Rest” sees a very scary Gordon Ramsay-ish chef murdered at her restaurant. Someone hit her on the head, then wrapped her head in plastic wrap until she suffocated to death.

Brutal, but this chef had a lot of people who hated her enough to give her a slow death. Apparently, she was known to fire anyone who didn’t meet her impossibly high standards of perfection.

This chef is frightening enough for everyone to dread the moment Liv eats her brains. Sure enough, on the murdered chef’s brains, Liv is a perfectionist terror to everyone.

In her new Gordon Ramsay-mode, Liv runs into her mother at a hospital. And she still hasn’t forgiven Liv for not saving her brother’s life. Liv tells her mom that she and Evan found out who their father was. They had contacted their father hoping he would be Evan’s donor.

But they found out that Evan and Liv have different fathers. Liv’s mom confesses that her father was a junkie named Martin Roberts who worked with Doctors without Borders. He relapsed and was last seen begging on a street.

Before Liv can run away from her mom and the hospital, Clive says their suspect is in that very building. Darren, who worked for the chef, was caught by her stealing brains from the freezer.

But Darren has an alibi for the chef’s murder—he was stealing from someplace else. He even has the stolen goods to prove it. He had panicked when he saw cops and tried to escape, during which he injured himself. He was at the hospital getting checked out when the cops caught him.

But Darren gives them an important lead. Apparently, he saw the chef yell at a dishwasher for eating brain scraps. The dishwasher was a closeted zombie—a metaphor for a real world issue—and the chef threatened to out him to his parents. The dishwasher’s parents happened to be a part of Dolly’s anti-zombie league, and that terrified the young man.

The dishwasher panicked and killed the chef so she wouldn’t tell his parents. And with that, the case is closed.

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Ravi Looks for a Different Cure

Ravi’s priorities have gone from solving murders to finding a cure that won’t cost the lives of thousands of youths. He rests his hopes on a guy named Beanpole Bob, a Utopian dealer, to find a zombie cure that doesn’t have to hurt anyone.

And he’s got a short window of time, too, before people start going after the kids with the rare condition that turns zombies back to human. But he hits a roadblock when he discovers the CDC no longer wants to continue their professional relationship with him.

The CDC didn’t like that Ravi withheld information from them. Plus, the doctor who was working with him on the cure had thought Ravi was being dramatic when he said that kids would be hunted down for the cure, and didn’t anticipate the extent people would go to get it.

So Ravi seeks out Charlie, who agrees to help only if he connects her to her estranged twin sister, Laila. Turns out, Charlie and Laila’s mom has dementia and doesn’t remember her two daughters. Laila thought Charlie blamed her for something related to their mom, but that wasn’t the case.

Ravi brokers a meeting between them at the morgue but they barely speak, let alone talk out their differences. But once he’s solved the chef’s murder, Ravi’s able to successfully focus on getting Laila and Charlie to patch things up.

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Liv Finds Her Father

Major is dealing with rogues in FG as usual, but this time it hits close to home. His most trusted associate, Justin, chooses to side with the zombie cult. So Major has no choice but to put him down and establish control over FG again.

Meanwhile, Clive, who’s acting lieutenant while his wife is on maternity leave, finds out that Michelle got injured. The hospital called him because he was listed as the emergency contact, so Clive thinks he’s her baby’s father.

However, Michelle says she listed him as her emergency contact because the real father is not very reliable. Clive understands and agrees to put the incident behind them.

Before the episode concludes, Liv finds her father. Martin is now clean and a zombie working with the zombie militia.

What new problems will crop up in Seattle? Find out next week on iZombie, which airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. EST on CW.

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