iZombie S5E3 -- "Five, Six, Seven, Ate!" Liv and Ravi -Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

Put on your dancing shoes! It’s time to eat some brains. Confusing, but not if you watched iZombie last night (May 16). We’ve been waiting for this episode since seeing Liv and Ravi dancing in the season 5 trailer. In case you missed what went down in New Seattle, we’ve got an iZombie season 5 episode 3 recap to get you up to speed.

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Liv and Ravi Are Ballroom Ready

The episode titled “Five, Six, Seven, Ate!” begins with two dancers, Nancy and Gulliver, getting poisoned via cyanide in their protein shake. They were going to compete on a TV dance competition where the prize would have been—what do ya know—two tickets out of Seattle.

Liv gets her salsa on after eating Nancy’s brain. Together with Ravi, she goes undercover at the competition to find their killer. They have the full cooperation of the show’s producer and from then, it’s dance time!

They meet their biggest competition, Tina and Lars, who have all the motive to trim down the competition. Turns out, Tina has a health tracker that records her location. Liv, rocking a hot red wig, wants to get her hands on Tina’s phone to find out where she was at the time of the murder.

They meet Tina and Lars for drinks at a salsa dance club, where we discover that Ravi, unfortunately, can’t dance. That aside, Liv has a vision that two male dancers, Gulliver and Lars, were having an affair and Nancy found out.

Lars and Gulliver were afraid that Tina would flip if she found out her partner was dating a rival. So Liv decides to have Gulliver’s brain to find out if Tina confronted them.

Sidenote: Liv and Clive teaching Ravi to dance is the best thing ever! And all that training pays off big time … until Liv gets a vision in the middle of the routine and leaves Ravi to finish off with a solo that was painfully hilarious to watch.

Liv’s vision leads them to a guy on Gulliver’s water polo team who was also in a relationship with the dead guy. He admitted to Liv and Clive that Nancy was toxic and he wanted her out of Gulliver’s life. He didn’t expect Gulliver to drink the cyanide-laced drink and die, too.  Their suspect, however, has drunk cyanide during the interview, killing himself as well.

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A School Situation Gets Out of Hand

Students at a school are getting a routine lice check, but are interrupted by a Fillmore-Graves team. The FG soldiers demand they halt any activities that discriminate against zombie kids.

One of the defiant teens, though, tries to steal an agent’s gun, which leads to the soldiers pointing their automatic weapons at the kids. The incident is recorded on camera, and the school administration shows it to Peyton.

They tell Peyton they can’t run a school with FG agents raiding them every time. This is another incident highlighting the struggle this season of having a corporate army operating in the city.

That leads to Peyton reprimanding Major for being unable to control his agents. Major fires back that the lice check was a cover for identifying zombie children and then locking them up.

Peyton confronts the principal about discriminating against zombie children, but they’re interrupted when one of the zombie kids being bullied rages out. Peyton brings the kid with his brother to her office, where they meet Major.

The boys are orphans whose sister was Jordan, a FG soldier who was killed in the previous episode. The boy has a lot of anger towards humans, even telling Major that he wants to join FG and kill humans.

The incident helps Peyton and Major to bury their differences and work together.

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Not All Humans Are Bad

Major doesn’t want to leave Jordan’s brothers in a shelter, so he and Peyton come to Liv for help.

Liv, who’s having a funeral for Baron, offers to let the boys stay in the safe house. Oliver, the teen Baron died saving, tells Jordan’s brothers that Baron is a human who saved them. That is enough for the kids to have a change of heart.

On a related note, Clive and Dale find out that Clive’s ex, Michelle, is pregnant. They are afraid that it is Clive’s child, but Michelle says she’s not sure who the father is. Nonetheless, Dale comes to terms with the fact that Michelle needs someone with her, and both she and Clive support her.

We’re still missing Blaine this week. But hopefully our brain smuggler is back when iZombie season 5 airs, Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. EST on CW.