iZombie S5E2 -- "Dead Lift" Major, Bozzio, Clive, Peyton, Ravi, and Liv -Credits: Michael Courtney/The CW

The iZombie season 5 premiere came for our brains last week. Liv is trying to rescue some kids while also solving a case. The human-zombie tensions in Seattle are getting intense as a zombie attack video goes viral. And do we have an anti-zombie terrorist group in town? Also, Ravi may have a breakthrough in the zombie cure on his hands. This week, image and representation is the theme of iZombie. Our recap of iZombie season 5 episode 2 has all the details.

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The Search for a Victim Continues in “Dead Lift”

The season premiere showed Liv and Clive investigating a viral video that shows a woman being attacked by zombies. In their search to identify the woman, they trace her phone to the woods, where they find the victim’s boyfriend claiming she’s dead.

Except she’s not.

Liv and Clive find the supposed victim, a woman named Lisa. And she’s neither dead nor undead.

Lisa had been missing because she had been cheating on her boyfriend with a coworker. What a waste of time for the team that’s trying to solve this case before a war breaks out.

Sad for the boyfriend and sadder for Liv and Clive, who are once again on the search for the victim in the video.

Renegade Loses a Man

Liv enlists her smuggler, Baron, to rescue a teen with terminal illness from his abusive foster home. But Baron is thrown for a loop when the boy brings two other young girls from the foster home with him.

On the bus ride, Baron and the boy escape suspicion. However, the girls are caught hiding.

Now Baron and the three foster home escapees are in police detention. But they manage to escape by hot-wiring the police car and make it to the Seattle wall.

It’s only a matter of getting in. However, the anti-zombie group intercepts them … and Baron dies in the process.

The kids manage to make it to the Renegade safe house, where they meet Liv. After telling Liv about Baron, she scratches the boy who we learn is called Oliver, who in turn scratches the young girls.

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Major Issues at Filmore-Graves

Major’s abilities to run the ship are questioned when the team at Filmore-Graves is investigating the suicide bombing at the checkpoint earlier. He’s coming off as too passive to the other soldiers.

But Major is yet to figure out how to command respect without following the lawless path of his predecessor. A self-doubting Major returns home to find Liv cooking a fitness guru brain for dinner.

Later, a sniper attacks a group of Filmore-Graves guards and Major is naturally upset about it. His mood further sours when he overhears other soldiers mocking his methods.

In a sub-plot, some of the characters are discussing that there needs to be more representation for zombies in the city’s justice system.

Clive, Ravi, and Peyton come up with the idea of creating a human-zombie comedy sketch series to dissipate the tension. Peyton also manages to find the funding for the sketch series.

Liv Goes Fitness Guru

Meanwhile, the fitness guru brains have turned Liv into a fitness junkie. While we wish we could slip into health mode that easily, it makes things difficult for Liv at work.

She and Clive are trying to interview another woman whose phone pinged near the zombie attack. Fitness Liv also makes things a tad awkward with Ravi in the morgue.

The next day, she and Clive arrive at a human bar to investigate a drive-by shooting of one person. This shooting is also investigated by Major and Filmore-Graves, which is a topic of discussion among the bar patrons.

These humans are wondering how Filmore-Graves will cover up the shooting. Dolly, the food truck owner and part-time leader of an anti-zombie terrorist group, claims Filmore-Graves already did cover up the shooting, saying that four people supposedly died in the shooting as opposed to the one everyone is made to believe.

The Team Discovers the Video Is Fake

A breakthrough in the viral video case leads Liv and Clive to the alleged car of the victim. Ravi investigates the vehicle and finds that the supposed blood in the car is corn syrup.

The evidence points to the zombie attack video being fake. But Major wants to wait until they get concrete evidence before going public with this information.

Major then suggests that they smuggle the perpetrators out of Seattle. However, Liv doesn’t agree and refuses to go along with his plan.

Major Shows Who’s Boss

Filmore-Graves finds out who is behind the drive-by shooting—and what do ya’ know? It’s the two deadender agents who were earlier talking smack about Major.

Taking a cue from the video hoaxer, Major gets some poetic revenge by faking a video of the agents getting guillotined when he really just put them in ice. The video solidifies Major’s image as a leader who doesn’t stand for insubordination, whether it’s from humans or zombies.

It also gets Liv to agree to get the makers of the fake zombie attack video out of the city. So that’s a bonus!

Dolly Is More Dangerous Than She Seems

Back when Dolly was debating with Peyton on TV, she seemed like a regular disgruntled activist putting her opinions out into the world. But as iZombie so deftly gets realistically political, they reveal that Dolly is in fact a cunning and radical mastermind.

She knows the humans outnumber the zombies and it’s only a matter of getting every one of them to fight for her cause. In true radical leader fashion, she rouses anti-zombie sentiment while orchestrating attacks behind the scenes.

Filmore-Graves is on the hunt for the culprits instigating anti-zombie sentiment. Meanwhile, Dolly is addressing her fellow human activists, revealing she created the fake video.

The woman who plays victim in the video is annoyed that Dolly takes all the credit for spreading the hoax video while she’s not acknowledged. Too bad for her, Dolly doesn’t stand for dissent and signals her henchman to kill this woman.

Dolly is obviously shady. Which reminds us of another shady character we missed this episode. Where’s Blaine? Did he resolve the brain shortage problem? Guess we’ll have to see next week when iZombie airs Thursday at 8:00 p.m. EST on CW.

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