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iZombie this week (May 30) has a lot more Blaine than we’ve been seeing so far this season. And boy, is he in trouble! This week the show paints a darker scenario of the usual Logan Paul-type influencer annoying his neighbor. Except this neighbor is Blaine. Can Liv prove him innocent? Our recap of iZombie season 5 episode 5 will fill you in.

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Blaine Is a Murder Suspect

This week’s episode, titled “Death Moves Pretty Fast,” features an independently wealthy teen named Harris living it up in his influencer-style mansion. And he’s neighbors with Blaine.

Blaine just wrapped up that interview with the reporter, Al, who suspects him of having a seedy side business. Al has some mysterious motives we and Blaine have yet to figure out as she continues to snoop around about Mayor Baracus, Peyton’s predecessor and former boss who was killed by Blaine in season 4.

But Blaine can’t stand the racket from his neighbor’s constant partying and pretty much threatens the kid with his life.

So when Harris turns up dead, cooked up in the steam room that was nailed shut by the murderer, he’s the prime suspect.

Also, Clive slipped and broke his back at the crime scene. So it’s up to Liv and Ravi to investigate this case on their own.

But Blaine evades arrest for now because he has Al with him to provide an alibi. However, Al later tells Liv and Ravi that she slept in another room and is not sure if Blaine could have sneaked out at night.

Al also witnessed Blaine taking down a group of kid bullies. So she’s afraid he might be the type of person to kill a kid.

Could Al get any more suspicious? Absolutely. This scheming reporter steals a bit of Harris’ brains, revealing that she’s also a zombie. Now, just what is her connection to Baracus?

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Cryptocurrency Leads to Cryptic Murder

With Blaine being ruled out as a suspect, Liv and Ravi are still investigating Harris’ murder and they find that he made his money from cryptocurrency trading. And he did it while he was still in school.

That made for a very jealous economics teacher who felt slighted that a kid had outsmarted him. But that was not enough to nail the teacher for murder.

Another suspect is Jamie, the ex-boyfriend of Harris’ girlfriend, Amy. Jamie and Amy used to be zombies. But Harris bought a zombie cure off the black market that turned her back to human.

But Jamie is giving off weird vibes. He supposedly has no memory of his time as a zombie.

Meanwhile, Liv’s tech genius associate, Steve, hacks into Harris’ social media and makes it look like he isn’t dead. That leads to one of Harris’ friends turning himself in for Harris’ murder.

Zombie Memory Loss Takes Over Seattle

As if a shortage of brain supply in Seattle wasn’t enough, now it appears that something is up with the brain food. Zombies all over Seattle are suffering from memory loss, much like Jamie.

It turns out that Dead Enders are mixing Alzheimer’s brains into the supply, which is giving the zombies memory loss.

News of the memory lapse in zombies reaches Major and the folks at FG. Major, though, is out of sorts, seemingly suffering from the same amnesia that’s taking over zombies. This couldn’t come at a worse time as his leadership is crumbling.

That leaves the leaderless FG soldiers and the Commander with the accent named Enzo to take action against the protesters outside brain dispensaries. By the time Major gets his senses back, he finds out that FG soldiers have water-cannoned protesters outside the dispensaries.

It seems that Enzo, who was working with the killer zombie cult last week, is scheming to turn the people against FG. He lied and made the riot-control measure seem like it was executed under Major’s orders.

But Major figures out he’s up to something and has him detained. The problems don’t end there for Major when he’s told 17 zombie soldiers have been un-thawed and are missing.

Ravi Deals with the Consequences of the Zombie Cure

In the premiere episode, Ravi had seemingly found a definitive zombie cure. The brains of children and teens suffering from a certain condition called Freylich’s Syndrome can turn a zombie back to human.

But Ravi doesn’t go public with this discovery because that would mean hundreds of children would lose their lives to cure zombies. Nonetheless, research on it progresses with the brain of a little girl named Isobel being used to treat a zombie.

Ravi and the researchers had agreed not to make the cure public. Unfortunately, Isobel’s mother has gone and told everyone about the life her daughter was able to save.

When Ravi hears about it, he knows that several people like Isobel will be hunted for the cure.

Al, on Harris’ brain, sees a vision of Harris buying the black-market cure from Don E, Blaine’s right-hand guy.

Remember that Blaine stole the previous zombie cure that was discovered. Now Liv and the gang know that the other cure is with Blaine, and Ravi sees a chance to cure the zombie virus without endangering the kids.

But it’s too late when Isobel’s news goes viral.

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Al Corners Blaine

Al’s also figured out that whoever stole the cure killed Baracus, and that’s Blaine.

Peyton was missing most of this episode because she had to head out of Seattle to talk the government out of nuking the city. We see her quite later in the hour when Al meets up with her about the article she’s writing on the brain.

But Al confronts Peyton about colluding with Blaine and turning a blind eye to his crimes to save the zombies.

Meanwhile, Blaine seems to be besotted by Al and his guard is down. But Al has published a scathing article on Blaine that makes everyone look bad.

It won’t look good for Peyton’s negotiations with the government if they find out she let a criminal carry out his activities for the sake of the zombie populace.