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Blaine is in hot water, zombie-human tensions get worse, and Liv is playing matchmaker for her ex this week in iZombie season 5. Al’s expose on Blaine in last week’s episode has led to a domino effect of events in Seattle involving Liv and the gang. How do they get out of this pinch? Our iZombie season 5 episode 6 recap fills you in.

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Blaine Delays His Downfall

This week’s episode titled “The Scratchmaker” opens with Blaine in prison after being exposed as a murderer by Al. While he’s sitting in prison arguing that everyone is a monster, there’s a wedding at the Scratching Post and picketing outside it by protestors.

Don E has to handle things in Blaine’s absence, while Major visits Blaine in prison. Major is hoping to get the required information from Blaine to get the illegal brain supply up and running again. Blaine negotiates with him to get the charges dropped, but Major would rather not add fuel to zombie-human tensions by letting a known murderer out.

Meanwhile, Liv and Ravi have a dead matchmaker, Carol, on the table. Ravi is happy to see Blaine fall from grace after they found out he stole the zombie cure.

Dale and Cavanaugh interrogate Blaine, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Blaine’s lawyer, Brandt. Blaine gets Brandt to pass Don E a message—“365 degrees”—that only Don E would understand.

Over at Blaine’s old haunt, Major is trying to shake a way to restore the brain supply out of Don E. But that’s a figurative dead-end for now.

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The Boss Is Back

Blaine’s meeting with Don E is interrupted by the arrival of Stacey Boss. You know, Blaine’s old boss he dealt drugs for. Apparently, he had escaped to Bangladesh during the time we didn’t see him.

Boss offers to take over Blaine’s old brain operation with Don E—in exchange for twice of what FG was paying Blaine. Major says he’ll consider it, though Don E is afraid of betraying Blaine.

But Don E is in trouble himself. With Blaine’s assets frozen, he can’t run the front business. To make things worse, Brandt shows up with Blaine’s message and Liv and Dale arrive to question Don E about the murdered matchmaker who was at the wedding held at the Scratching Post.

Don E was among the last people who spoke to Carol before she was thrown off a balcony to her death. She was going to find Don E his perfect match. With her dead, Don E tries to trigger Liv (on Carol’s brain) to find out who was his perfect match.

Later, Blaine gets the bail money out of Don E, but he has nowhere to go when his mansion is burned down. Dale and Cavanaugh suspect this was his move to destroy evidence, while it could also have been the protesters.

Bailed out, Blaine hides in the basement of Don E’s home. But he doesn’t stay for long. Blaine confronts Al.

It gets a little intense between them and both zombie-out in anger, after which Blaine leaves.

Al later meets her uncle, and what do ya know? It’s Stacey Boss! And the pair had concocted this whole scheme to bring Blaine down.

Boss has successfully gotten Don E to betray Blaine, even renaming the Scratching Post Don E’s B-Goodz. Blaine is obviously furious and gets Brandt to draw up a contract for him.

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Liv Is Major’s Matchmaker

The zombie cult that coerced the teacher, Graham, to work for them is extracting information about Renegade’s operation from him. He is made to bring another accomplice into the operation with him.

Liv on matchmaker brains is trying to set up her ex-fiance with the new girl. But Major has major problems to deal with right now.

The brain supply is about to run out in 48 hours and Major has run out of options to keep zombies from flying into a rage. He’s making an appeal to the government to help them, and it may work.

The tough-talking council members that wanted to nuke them are hopeful about the zombie cure and considering restoring the brain supply to Seattle. But something changes and they refuse to supply the brains.

Meanwhile, Major managed to bug Don E’s office earlier and overheard him scheming with Boss.

Left with no choice, Major is forced to announce that the remaining brain supply will be rationed. He eventually manages to get another brain supplier for Seattle.

When Don E and Boss find out, they agree to provide the brains at a lower cost.

On a lighter note, Liv has a vision of Don E’s perfect match and finds out that the bride’s mother had killed Carol for setting up her human son with a zombie woman.

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Seattle Is on the Verge of a Zombie Rage

Dolly is instigating anti-zombie fears, proclaiming that the brain supply is running out. Major meets Dolly with a group of FG soldiers, only to find out she’s the mother of one of his agents. And Dolly seems just as hostile to her son as she is to any FG soldier.

Blaine later visits a college student and offers her half a million dollars for her brain. Turns out, this girl has the same disease that makes her brain a zombie cure.

What’s Blaine up to this time? Find out in iZombie season 5, Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. EST on CW.