Rose McIver as Olivia "Liv" Moore -Credit: Kharen Hill /The CW

Tensions between zombies and humans in Seattle get worse when another human dies. Liv and Clive have a new murder to solve, Peyton and Ravi are pioneering the first zombie comedy group, and Blaine is back, folks! Check out this recap of iZombie season 5 episode 4 to catch up on all the details.

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Liv Goes Hi-Tech

In last night’s (May 23) episode titled “Dot Zom,” a tech genius turns up dead. Liv, Ravi, and Clive arrive at the scene where the victim’s assistant, Nora, explains that our dead guy, Cornell, was working on something called Project Z. (No, the Z doesn’t stand for zombies.)

Project Z was focused on creating a post-apocalyptic safe-zone and Cornell was killed in the bunker that was meant to be the project’s site. (Let’s not forget Seattle is on the verge of getting nuked by the government.) In the middle of investigating, the trio find that Cornell’s list of people he intended to invite to the bunker included Peyton.

Liv takes Cornell’s tech genius brain on the go to meet Nora again. Nora hands over every detail that could come in handy to the investigation, including the fact that she and Cornell were dating until a year ago. Also, Nora is a zombie.

Having consumed Cornell’s brain, Liv gets a vision that the victim erased Nora’s name from the list to write down Peyton’s. Nora, however, wasn’t offended about being taken off the list. She’s firm in her belief that Cornell made every decision logically despite the fact that his project was turning him broke. Nora is, in fact, surprised about where he was getting the funding from.

As it turns out, Cornell was working on some other project that he didn’t deliver on. The client for this job was the zombie-hating Fixture Man.

He wanted Cornell to develop a program to identify every zombie in the city. You can tell why that would be dangerous.

Renegade’s associate, Curtis, figures out that the anti-zombie group is using a Dead Enders website to identify zombies. The Fixture Man was hoping to get Cornell to speed up the process.

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With that knowledge, it wasn’t difficult to figure out that zombie Nora had killed Cornell before his program put several other zombies in danger.

It’s Hi, Zombie!

Ravi confronts Peyton about being included in Project Z, but they’ve got more pressing matters to attend togetting started on Hi, Zombie, the web series they are planning to show zombies in a more favorable light.

But the comedy group’s leader is feeding into anti-zombie stereotypes. You can already tell he’s the type to not take creative input.

The troupe leader isn’t receptive to Peyton’s criticism and quits with the other actors. But when Yasmin comes up with a way better script, the troupe leader and the actors return and Hi, Zombie is on the go!

An Anti-Human Underground Uprising

A school fires a zombie teacher and Major wants to do something about what is clearly wrongful termination of employment. Liv, emanating ideas on Cornell’s brain, suggests they could hire the teacher to teach the zombie kids in her care.

But Major has a bigger problem to worry about. Remember the two zombie FG soldiers who killed anti-zombie humans a few episodes ago? Major had put them on ice but a creepy guy with an accent has woken them up.

This guy wants to enlist these agents into an anti-human group that’s plotting the end of every human. One of the soldiers refuses and the cult leader (not the creepy guy with the accent) kills him. So the other has no choice but to join the group.

Major and Liv hire the zombie teacher and he seems eager. But the anti-human group abducts the teacher and threatens him into working for them by holding his boyfriend hostage.

The teacher arrives at Liv’s place to teach the children. And Liv casually lets him work, unaware that he is being forced to work for the anti-human group.

There are several FG soldiers who are tired of Major’s ineptitude and are willing to defect, just like the anti-human zombie cult leader.

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Blaine’s Interview Is a Dead End

A magazine writer interviews Blaine for a story. She wants to know about his life before the wall came up. But Blaine can sense she’s digging for something else.

The writer, however, witnesses an awesome scene where Blaine takes down a gang of Dead Enders who were harassing zombies and taking pictures of people at the zombie club to put on the Dead Enders website.

We haven’t seen Dolly and her anti-zombie gang yet, but we were introduced to another extremist group. What’s going to happen with two cults on opposite ends of the spectrum? Keep watching iZombie season 5 every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. EST on the CW to find out.