Actress Eve Lindley attends the Build Series to discuss "Dispatches From Elsewhere" at Build Studio on February 27, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

About Eve Lindley
Age31 Years
BirthJanuary 12, 1993
SiblingsDarah Lindley, Lucia Curley
ParentsBrad Lindley
HometownNew York, New York
ShowsAll We Had, Dispatches from Elsewhere,

Dispatches From Elsewhere premiered on AMC on March 1, to moderate success. The series, however, has become the breakout platform for the newest star in the cast. Eve Lindley, who plays Simone and had an entire episode focused on her character on March 2, stands out among the big names like Sally Field, Jason Segel, and Andre 3000. She has demonstrated acting skills that are on par with her more experienced counterparts. And to think the Lindley before Dispatches From Elsewhere never thought she could be a leading lady because she is transgender! She’s certainly proving she has what it takes to be one of the best actresses in Hollywood, as you’ll see in this Eve Lindley wiki.

Eve Lindley Transitioned from Male to Female

Eve Lindley was born on January 12, 1993 to Brad Lindley, a New York-based pilot, and his then-wife. The family had daughters before Eve, who was born a male.

Eve has two sisters, Lucia Curley and Darah Lindley. Lucia is currently married to one John Curley and based in New York.

Brad and Eve had an interview together where they revealed details about Eve coming out as transgender and transitioning from male to female. At the outset, Brad was honest that he was excited to have a son and indulge in father-son activities like football.

“But I noticed early on that he was interested in more female stuff,” said Brad. “I didn’t want him to be unhappy. I loved him then and I love her now.”

Brad bought Barbie dolls for Eve and even built a dollhouse. However, Eve’s biological mother wasn’t very supportive initially.

Brad and his wife separated when Eve was two. They shared joint custody of the kids, which meant Eve hopped between Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.

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Eve’s birth mother was still resistant to Eve’s gender identity journey at the time. Eventually, Eve would spend more time in Brad’s home with Eve’s stepmom Andy. Eve’s sisters still lived with their birth mother.

Evie, as Brad affectionately calls her, began transitioning to female in high school. She began taking hormones when she was 18.

Brad was an ever-present parent at Eve’s doctor and psychologist meetings. He even relocated the family to a neighborhood that was more tolerant to Eve discovering her gender identity.

“We moved to a community in the suburbs where none of our neighbors questioned Evie’s decision to switch genders. For a while we were in a place that wasn’t tolerant. It’s important to live in a place that is accepting, that doesn’t ever pass judgment. But I guess the most important thing for me is that throughout this journey I’ve always listened to her and supported her in what she was doing. Bottom line: I have tried to empower her to become what she wanted to be. This entire experience has been a big challenge, but nothing can’t be handled with a heart full of love,” said Brad.

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Lindley Had Trouble Finding Female Roles

Eve’s biological mother eventually came around. But while her family had been supportive of her transition to a woman, the school’s theater community Eve was part of was less so. She aimed for female roles in school productions but was never considered for leading parts.

One such incident was when she tried for Mama Morton’s part in a production of Chicago. However, she was given the role of a reporter who later comes out as male.

“Everyone thought it was a good compromise, because I would be able to play a relatively female role, but then there’s this big reveal,” Lindley recalled. “Which was humiliating, of course, and not at all what I wanted to do. But you gotta take the parts that you can.”

Her passion for the acting industry was far from shaken. If it wasn’t through better roles, she remained involved in theater by taking on more backstage roles like art and costume production.

She got so good at the craft that she now customizes her own clothes. She even enrolled in art school at the Fashion Institute of Technology briefly. However, she’d drop out to work at a fabric painting studio, distressing and bedazzling costumes for Broadway productions.

Some of Eve’s work has been worn in Broadway shows like The Book of Mormon, Aladdin, Cinderella, and Rock of Ages. She’s also worked on costumes for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Besides being a talented actress, Eve Lindley’s fashion game is on point. Perhaps she will bless her fans with a fashion line in the future.

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Lindley Made Her Debut in Katie Holmes’ All We Had

Lindley was close to giving up on her dreams of ever becoming a leading lady. The New York resident had been sleeping on friends’ couches, working in costume and set productions on Broadway, and hoping for an acting break.

When Laverne Cox became the first openly transgender person to earn an Emmy nomination for Orange Is the New Black and transgender characters began appearing in some of the most critically acclaimed works in recent years, Lindley saw hope for her acting dreams.

Despite the lack of opportunities for her, she auditioned whenever she could. Lindley had to work odd jobs as a Barney’s sales associate, barista, nanny, and dog walker, as well as serve subpoenas and hand out flyers to earn a living. She was still unable to make rent when she finally landed her first major acting job.

The 2016 movie All We Had was more than just Katie Holmes’ directorial debut. It marked Eve’s feature film debut alongside the likes of Holmes, Luke Wilson, and Judy Greer, among other names.

“I was fully homeless and living on a person’s couch when I went to the red carpet, which is why I looked like total s**t,” Eve said about her dressed down fashion at the All We Had premiere.

The movie opened a steady stream of acting opportunities for Lindley. She had a recurring role in Mr. Robot and Outsiders as well as appearances in other shows and movies.

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Dispatches From Elsewhere Marks Lindley’s Breakout Role

While she was getting more jobs, most of Lindley’s roles were limited to trans or queer characters subjected to lot of hardships. The typecasting was beginning to make her disillusioned with the belief that she could never be more than a “weird, funny-looking girl who shows up and says some funny stuff and leaves.”

It was then that she came across the script from Dispatches From Elsewhere created by Jason Segel. The character Simon is a trans woman and the love interest of Segel’s character.

“I remember reading it and thinking, ‘I know her and I really feel like I am her.’ She’s able to exist in a story as more than a diversity box to be checked,” Lindley described about Simone.

Simone is not only a main character, she also has an entire episode dedicated to her. Lindley is particularly impressed by the writers’ characterization for Simone.

On set, Lindley didn’t have the confidence to give her input among three powerhouses. However, Sally Fields encouraged her to be more assertive with her cast members.

Dispatches From Elsewhere marks Lindley’s breakout role. Critics are raving about her performance as Simone. In fact, the consensus is she is a scene-stealer among a cast like Jason Segel, Sally Fields, Andre 3000 and Richard E. Grant.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, Lindley was back on New York’s audition circuit. So far, she is still getting bit parts without anything significant. She also plans to return to her day jobs.

But big things are surely in store for Eve Lindley. She has had appearances in two movies that are in post-production and soon, she could be flooded with better acting opportunities, given that her acting prowess is the biggest takeaway from Dispatches From Elsewhere.

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