Flame Monroe from Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready, Credits: Beth Dubber/Netflix

About Flame Monroe
Known AsMarcus Parker
GenderTransgender Person
AddressLong Beach, California
CountryUnited States
AlumniLife University, Chicago Vocational High School
Birth DateJuly 14
HometownChicago, Illinois
ShowTiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready

Tiffany Haddish has handpicked a lineup of her favorite comedians for her new Netflix comedy special, Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready, premiering on August 13. Joining this lineup is Marcus Parker, aka Flame Monroe, a drag queen and comedian you need to keep an eye on. Flame Monroe might be familiar to some, but for those who have yet to witness the comedy stylings of this queen, we’ve got Flame Monroe’s wiki for you.

Flame Monroe Is from Chicago

Born Marcus Parker, he celebrates his birthday on July 14. He’s a native of Chicago, Illinois where he was born and raised on the South Side.

He graduated from Chicago Vocational High School and went on to attend Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

In 2005, Parker left his hometown for California. He now resides in Long Beach, where he’s a comedian and entertainer under his Flame Monroe persona.

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Parker Went under the Knife to Turn into Flame Monroe

Parker self-identifies as a bisexual transgender person. According to a profile on him, he knew he was born a boy, but also felt like a girl. As an entertainer, he puts on a fiery crimson (and occasionally blonde) wig and transforms into the drag queen Flame Monroe.

“I remember the first time Diana Ross was hosting the American Music Awards and every time they went to a commercial and came back, she’d have on a new outfit,” Parker said. “My mother had big wigs and beautiful high-heeled shoes and dresses. I would dress up and put on makeup when she left. When I was about 14 and my brother was two, I put on my first show, pantomiming a song for him. He was my audience.”

Through cosmetic surgery, Parker obtained size 36CC breast implants and other feminine characteristics. He got his first set of breast implants when he was 23. He later traveled to Tijuana, Mexico for more procedures and started taking female hormones.

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He now performs as Flame Monroe, a drag queen comedian, with his jokes more often than not inspired by his own life. “My star was rising quickly, and the Flame Monroe name was resonating around the circuit. I wanted to be able to fit into the bustiers and hit the stage and not have to worry about padding,” Parker said about his cosmetic procedures.

Monroe currently performs at the Palihouse West Hollywood. In 2005, he also featured on BET’s ComicView. Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready could possibly be Monroe’s big break.

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Flame Monroe Is a Single Dad of Three

Outside of the Flame Monroe persona, Parker is a father of three kids. His older son and daughter were born in 2003 (although they are not twins). His younger daughter was born in 2007.

His girlfriend at the time, who is the mother of two of his children, left them and he raises his kids as a single dad. He had been living as woman until then, but halted his transition to be a full-time dad.

He was briefly married to one Rasheda Daniels, a lesbian. She once featured in the occasional video, but has since been purged from his social media.

Growing up in his neighborhood, Parker faced relentless teasing and bullying for who he is. He’s tougher than most, but is also well aware of the hardships the LGBTQ+ community and often their families go through.

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To save his kids from unwanted attention, he tones down his drag queen persona whenever he’s not on stage. At home, he ditches the wigs and vibrant clothes for fatigues that camouflage his curves.

He also wears an Ace bandage around his breast implants when he drops them off at school. “I also hunch my back to draw in my breasts,” Parker said. “My kids know their daddy is super special. But other kids can be cruel. So out of respect for my children, my son in particular, I don’t dress in drag during the day.”

Parker’s kids sometimes make it into his stand-up. But outside of it, he speaks of them adoringly.

Having faced prejudice from both inside and outside the gay community, Parker never wants his children to go through the same experiences as he did.

His relationship with the gay community is further strained because he’s a conservative Christian who doesn’t support complete marriage equality and instead advocates for civil unions.

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