Nik Wallenda and Erendira Wallenda attend the ABC Television's Winter Press Tour 2020 at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena on January 08, 2020 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

About Erendira Wallenda
Known AsErendira Renee Ashton-Vazquez
Age52 Years
BirthJuly 28, 1971
SpouseNik Wallenda January 2000 - Present
ChildrenYanni Wallenda, Amadaos Wallenda, Evita Wallenda
ParentsGolda Ashton Vazquez, Vinicio Vazquez
AddressBradenton, Florida
CountryUnited States
JobAcrobat, Aerialist, High Wire Artist
EducationTuttle Elementary School, Brookside Middle School, Booker High School

Nik and Erendira Wallenda are undoubtedly a royal couple of death-defying daredevilry. The King of the High Wire recently attempted his most dangerous stunt yet—walking the tightrope over an active volcano in Nicaragua. His wife was not far from him, but in an equally dangerous situation. Erendira Wallenda, the indomitable flying acrobat, performed her exquisite aerial ballet over the lava, too. The couple has been performing together for over two decades, but Nik’s priority was Erendira’s safety over his own. Despite some hiccups, Erendira accomplished her feat with grace. This inspiring and fearless woman certainly deserves the spotlight in our Erendira Wallenda wiki.

Erendira Wallenda Is from the Flying Vazquez Family

Erendira Renee Ashton-Vazquez was born on July 28, 1971 to Vinicio Vazquez and Golda Ashton Vazquez. The Floridian is of Mexican descent from her father’s side and Australian from her mother’s side.

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful person in the world, both inside and out! I have been blessed beyond imagination to be your one and only! I love you always and forever Erendira Ashton-vazquez

Posted by Nik Wallenda on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Wallenda family, or the Flying Wallendas, are famous stunt performers spanning generations. While Nik is a seventh-generation stuntman, Erendira herself descends from a multi-generational circus family.

Vinicio Vazquez is an aerialist and Erendira is a seventh-generation circus performer on his side. The Vazquez family has been part of a Mexico City-based circus that now tours the U.S.

Erendira’s mother’s family runs the third-largest circus in Australia, and Golda is an acrobat herself. Erendira is an eighth-generation performer on her mother’s side.

The Flying Vazquez and Flying Wallendas have performed together across generations. Vinicio and Golda have often performed with Nik’s parents, Delilah Wallenda and Terry Troffer, and Nik and Erendira’s grandparents and great-grandparents have performed together, too.

In her younger years, Erendira performed a rolling globe-and-acrobatic act with her two older sisters in the family’s touring circus. With the family spending 11 months on the road touring, she grew up in a small trailer.

Nonetheless, she experienced school life, attending Tuttle Elementary School, Brookside Middle School, and Booker High School in Sarasota.

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Nik and Erendira Renewed Their Vows on Say Yes to the Dress

The Vazquez and Wallenda families have been friends for decades. So it’s impossible that Nik and Erendira wouldn’t meet.

Erendira said she was just three weeks old when she met Nik, who is a couple of years older. Both had been part of the family businesses from a young age, and grew up together.

When they were younger, Erendira’s exact thoughts about Nik were that he was “really annoying and dorky!” She was 14 and he was 17 when they began dating.

Three years later, Erendira got a proposal that fit this daredevil couple. Nik proposed to her on a wire 30 feet high during The Flying Wallenda Seven-Person Pyramid in Canada.

Erendira said yes, and they got married after she turned 18. The wedding was low-key compared to the proposal because of limited finances. So the couple tied the knot at the Sarasota County Courthouse on January 3, 2000.

They celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary in a much grander way, and shared it with the world. The couple is known to have reality specials for their extreme stunts. But this one was a lot more special.

They decided to renew their vows, and the entire planning and big day made up a special on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress: The Big Day. The ceremony took place on the steps of the Ca’ d’Zan Mansion at the Ringling Museum and was officiated by megachurch pastor Joel Osteen.

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Erendira and Nik Have Three Children

The Wallendas have three children—Yanni (born 1999), Amadaos (born 2002), and Evita (born 2003). The Wallendas are famous in Sarasota, but their home is in Bradenton.

My family, taken summer of 2013

Posted by Nik Wallenda on Sunday, April 5, 2015

The couple has let their children pick their own paths instead of becoming the next generation of Flying Wallendas. So far, their ballerina Evita has shown interest and talent in following her parents’ footsteps on the wire.

Meanwhile, the eldest, Yanni, is Nik and Erendira’s “genius,” while Amadaos “Daos” is a skilled musician on the piano.

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Erendira and Nik Perform as a Duo

Nik’s wife and kids are always close by whenever he does one of his extreme stunts. The six days he was away from his family as he prepared for the Niagara Falls stunt is the longest the family has been away from him.

But Erendira is more than just a bystander. Whenever Nik is walking the high-wire, she’s a few feet away doing her own flying acrobat performance.

Five years after Nik became the first person to walk a tightrope stretched directly over the Niagara Falls, Erendira broke the world record for the highest suspension over the falls. Her “iron jaw” feat included doing acrobatics with a hoop while suspended from a helicopter and, at one point, hung by her teeth.

They also had a joint performance for their latest and most dangerous feat yet. The stage for their act was the active Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua in a live ABC broadcast hosted by Chris Harrison and Sage Steele.

Nik prepared to walk the tightrope over the volcano with a mask and goggles to protect him from the toxic fumes of the volcano. Erendira was set to do another aerial ballet performance suspended by a helicopter flying over the boiling lava.

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However, the helicopter pilots determined that the weather was too unpredictable and it would be far too dangerous for her. So, instead of dangling from a helicopter, Erendira did her act from the wire across the volcano.

Harrison explained in his commentary that the original act meant she didn’t have to worry about the toxic smoke. But with the performance from the wire, she had to wear a mask that she had never practiced with.

The stunt performers have detailed practices for these stunts with their equipment. So this couldn’t have been an easy change of plan for Erendira.

Both Erendira and Nik succeeded in their acts. At one point, Erendira took off her mask to dangle by her teeth.

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