Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey attends the 19th Annual Slavery To Freedom Gala at Skirball Cultural Center on May 18, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

About David Allan Lacey
Age70 Years
BirthMarch 29, 1954 Los Angeles County, California
SpouseJackie Lacey 1980 - Present
ChildrenKareem Lacey, April Lacey
SiblingsClifford Lacey, Millicent Wirt
ParentsOphelia Lorraine Lacey, Aaron Charles Lacey
AddressSan Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, California
CountryUnited States

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey has always been a controversial figure. She is currently seeking a third term in office, but protests against her have been at an all time high. And things almost came to a head when her husband, David Lacey, lashed out at protesters. The DA’s husband pulled a gun on protesters ahead of Tuesday’s election. Our David Lacey wiki elaborates more on the incident with details about the man married to DA Jackie Lacey.

David Lacey’s Father Was a Church Deacon

David Allan Lacey was born on March 29, 1954 to Aaron Charles Lacey and Ophelia Lorraine Lacey. He and his siblings, Millicent Wirt and Clifford Lacey, were raised in Los Angeles County, California.

Aaron Lacey was a Deacon at the Trinity Baptist Church of Los Angeles. He had been a longstanding member of the church community for decades.

In fact, he was the chair of the building committee when the church was under construction in the ‘50s. After the church’s trustee board had paid off the mortgage, the church celebrated its 93rd anniversary in 2010 by giving Deacon Aaron the honor of burning the mortgage papers.

Deacon Lacey passed away in January 2015. His wife passed away two years later. They are survived by their three children, their children’s spouses, and their grandchildren.

The deacon’s children are also active in the church community. Millicent Wirt is active in the media ministry among other church boards and committees.

The church is also where David Lacey met his future wife.

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David Lacey Met Jackie Lacey in Choir

Jackie Phillips, who was raised in L.A.’s Crenshaw neighborhood, is the daughter of Louis Phillips, a City of Los Angeles Lot Cleaning employee, and Addie Phillips, a garment factory worker. After graduating from Dorsey High School, she acquired her degree in psychology from the University of California, Irvine in 1979. She went on to graduate from USC Law in 1982.

By the time she had made strides in her academic and professional career, Jackie was already a wife and mother.

She met David Lacey, who would become her husband, when she was a 17-year-old singing in the Trinity Baptist Church Choir. According to her website, they are high school sweethearts and dated while pursuing their undergraduate studies.

Jackie and David married in 1980, when she had completed her first year of law school. The newlyweds moved into a campus studio apartment while she pursued her law degree.

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They Have Two Children

Less than a year into their marriage, Jackie was pregnant with their first child. Their son, Kareem Lacey, was born in the fall of 1981. Jackie resumed classes two weeks after giving birth.

Posted by Kareem Lacey on Saturday, March 31, 2018

Jackie admits that it wasn’t easy balancing motherhood with her studies. But she pulled through.

Their daughter, April, was born in September 1983, two months after Jackie took the bar exam. This time, Jackie took a year off before joining a law firm.

When she switched to a career as a prosecutor in her 20s, Jackie and David were raising two very small children.

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David Lacey Was an Auditor at the L.A. DA’s Office

Jackie Lacey went on to become the first woman and African-American to serve as the L.A. District Attorney when she was elected to the post in 2012. David Lacey, who is an accountant by profession, also found a job in the DA’s office.

David was the treasurer of her election committee. When she was elected, he was appointed as a senior investigative auditor at the DA’s office until he retired in 2016. It’s unclear if he was previously employed at another business.

David and his siblings are also co-trustees of the Aaron Charles Lacey and Ophelia Lorraine Lacey Family Trust. He is also a trustee of the D and J Lacey Family Trust.

The couple live in the San Fernando Valley and are active in the Shepherd of the Hills Church.

Jackie is seeking a third term as DA and faces a challenge from career police officer and former San Francisco prosecutor George Gascon, as well as Rachel Rossi, a public defender and former majority counsel to a House of Representatives subcommittee. Jackie has had a controversial tenure, most notably for not actively prosecuting major Hollywood names accused of sexual misconduct and for refusing to prosecute law enforcement involved in fatal shootings of African-Americans.

She has been staunchly criticized by Black Lives Matter and the ACLU for the latter. Amid her reelection bid, Black Lives Matter has stepped up its protests against the incumbent DA.

The activists were protesting outside the Lacey residence on Monday when David Lacey stepped out of the house and pointed a gun at them.

“Get off of my porch. I will shoot you … I don’t care who you are … We’re calling the police right now,” David is heard saying in a video.

Police are investigating a “possible assault with a deadly weapon,” while Black Lives Matter organizers have expressed their shock at the intimidation attempt by the DA’s husband. Jackie Lacey was also quick to respond to the incident in a press conference hours after the incident.

Lacey said that they had received threats and were being intimidated. She said that her husband’s response was in fear for their safety and he was “profoundly sorry” and meant no harm.

“I, too, am sorry if anybody was harmed,” she said, “It’s never my intent to harm any protester. I just want to live in peace and do my job.”

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