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Funny and witty Octavia Spencer shines in all her roles that touch your heart. A woman of her caliber in the industry is bound to earn a pretty penny, and Spencer is no exception. Octavia Spencer’s net worth in 2018 is approximately $12.0 million, and she’s not done with movies just yet!

Octavia Spencer’s fortune was not made overnight. She fought long and hard to reach the position she is in today. And with big names wanting to work with her all the time, she is nothing short of Hollywood royalty.

Learn how Octavia Spencer’s salary and earnings contributed to her net worth right here.

How Rich Is Octavia Spencer in 2018?

  • Octavia Spencer was born on May 25, 1972, making her age 45.
  • The Oscar-winning actress’ net worth is estimated at $12.0 million in 2018.
  • She has been working in the industry for more than two decades, starting her journey into Hollywood with A Time to Kill.
  • When she’s not doing movies, Spencer is killing it on the small screen with shows like Red Band Society and Mom.
  • A glittering career like hers took a turn for the better when the actress agreed to be cast in the award-winning movie, The Help; it reportedly grossed over $169.0 million in the U.S. and over $200.0 million worldwide.
  • Spencer not only received the golden statuette for her performance in the deeply moving story, but she also marked her place in Hollywood.
  • The actress also spoke out about the pay inequality that prevails in the movie industry for women, especially women of color.
  • Spencer revealed that her costar, Jessica Chastain, helped her to negotiate a salary that is now five times what it was, simply by being tied together for their upcoming comedy.

Here’s how much Octavia Spencer’s contemporaries make compared to her:

Actor Net Worth
Jessica Chastain $20.0 million
Jada Pinkett-Smith $20.0 million
Priyanka Chopra $8.0 million
Kerry Washington $18.0 million
Taraji P. Henson $16.0 million
Viola Davis $12.0 million
Octavia Spencer $12.0 million

Source: CelebrityNetWorth

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Octavia Spencer’s House

  • Octavia Spencer lives life like a queen—and why not?; she’s a hard-working actress who delivers every time she’s on screen.
  • Spencer spent a cool $841,500 on a Spanish-style home in Los Angeles.
  • The 1,714 square-foot home is relatively small for a celebrity, but the house was built in 1927, giving it that old charm you may not find in modern architecture.
  • The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home is located in Toluca Lake and stands pretty with vines growing in the front yard.

Octavia Spencer’s Movies

  • Spencer is the acting world’s Midas because whatever she touches turns into gold; her portrayal of so many strong, deeply rooted characters is why fans can’t seem to get enough of her.
  • From movies like Big Momma’s House, Bad Santa, and Pretty Persuasion to Zootopia and Hidden Figures, Spencer has not only impressed fans, but she also became an idol for them.
  • Every now and then, Spencer also guest stars on TV; you may remember seeing her in Malcolm in the Middle, The Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, Mom, and Drunk History.

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Octavia Spencer’s Awards

  • Octavia Spencer has been nominated for three Oscars, all in the Best Supporting Actress category; she took home a win for her role in The Help.
  • The actress won three SAG Awards, two Satellite Awards, two Critic’s Choice Movie Awards, one Golden Globe, and a BAFTA!
  • This year’s Oscar nomination was Octavia Spencer’s third, for her role in The Shape of Water.