Kansas City Chiefs owner and CEO Clark Hunt holds up the Lamar Hunt trophy with his mother, Norma Hunt, widow of the Chiefs founder, Lamar Hunt, after defeating the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium on January 19, 2020 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

The Super Bowl LIV is a special one for Norma Hunt, the only woman to have attended every Super Bowl game ever. The First Lady of Football is celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs’ first Super Bowl win in five decades, and more importantly, it’s the team her husband founded, with her son now at its helm. Lamar Hunt gave the Super Bowl its name and his wife, Norma, is keeping his football legacy alive. This Norma Hunt wiki celebrates this icon in the NFL.

About Norma Hunt
Known AsNorma Lynn Knobel
Age85 Years
BirthMarch 28, 1938
SpouseLamar Hunt January 1964 - December 2006 (Death)
ChildrenDaniel Hunt, Clark Hunt
OwnsBidwell Creek Vineyard
AlumniRichardson High School
HometownDallas, Texas

Norma Hunt Was an American History Teacher

Born Norma Lynn Knobel on March 28, 1938, she is originally from Dallas, Texas. She was a teacher of American history at her alma mater, Richardson High School, and part-timed in the office of the Dallas Texans, the team that would later become the Kansas City Chiefs.

Lamar Hunt (born August 2, 1932) was the son of oil tycoon H.L. Hunt and founded the American Football League before it merged with the NFL. He had dated Rosemary Carr when they were teens, and after they graduated from Southern Methodist University together, the couple married in 1956.

Hunt and Carr divorced in 1962, reportedly due to the football mogul’s busy schedule. He soon moved on with Norma Knobel, who shared his love for sports.

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Norma and Lamar Hunt Married in 1964

Lamar Hunt was passionate about sports, and particularly football. Norma once recalled that in the initial days when he was courting her, he took her to one high school football game, one pro game, and three college games in the span of four days.

Norma followed football, too, but it would become a passion she shared with her future husband and family when Lamar came into her life. On January 15, 1964, news of their engagement was announced in the local media.

The following week, a then 25-year-old Norma married then-31-year-old Lamar Hunt at her parents’ home in Richardson on January 22, 1964. Hank Stram, who was the Chiefs’ coach then, was Hunt’s best man.

The newlyweds later honeymooned at the Austria Winter Olympics, which would be an extension of their tradition to attend football games, the Olympics, soccer games, tennis tournaments, and other pro-sporting events.

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Norma’s Son Is Chiefs CEO, Clark Hunt

Lamar and Rosemary had two children, Lamar Jr. (born October 20, 1956) and Sharron Hunt, before they divorced. With Norma, Lamar had two more sons, Clark (born February 19, 1965) and Daniel.

Lamar Hunt passed away on December 13, 2006 from complications related to prostate cancer. He was married to Norma until his death.

He left behind a sizeable legacy in the NFL, which Norma and his children continue today. Lamar Jr. and Clark are especially active in the Hunt family’s sports empire.

While Lamar Jr. is the president and owner of the Kansas City Mavericks hockey team, Clark is best known as the CEO and owner of the Chiefs organization. He oversees the day-to-day operations and represents the team at NFL owners meetings.

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Norma Hunt Is the Only Woman to Attend Every Super Bowl

Norma is not only an integral presence in the Chiefs organization, but also royalty in the NFL. She has attended every Super Bowl game ever since it earned the name in 1967, being touted as the only woman to ever do so.

In the weeks leading up to Super Bowl 2007, when Lamar Hunt’s health was failing him, he had told his children to ensure Norma made it to Super Bowl that year. Norma said Lamar “couldn’t bear” her missing even one championship game. Knowing how important it was for her husband, she continues to attend Super Bowl games after her husband’s death.

She’s also dedicated to the family’s sports-related business ventures. Additionally, she founded Bidwell Creek Vineyard in California’s Napa Valley in 2000, for those who are into viniculture like herself. She gained an interest in vineyards when she used to vacation in Tuscany with her husband.

This time, when Norma Hunt went to Super Bowl LIV, the team that her husband founded and her son heads joined her. And she and her children, along with the Chiefs, get to take home the prized trophy in her husband’s honor.

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