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We pity the fools who are up against Kym Herjavec (née Johnson) and her partner, Mr. T on Dancing with the Stars! #TeamDancingFools are in it to win it! While Mr. T is bringing on the charisma, Herjavec is bringing the sexiness, just like she does in her hot Instagram pics. We’ve got the hottest Kym Herjavec photos, right here!

The pro from down under, Kym Johnson-Herjavec, is back on the dance floor after a three-season hiatus. But she hasn’t lost the competitive spirit of Dancing with the Stars. In fact, she’s taking it up a notch with Mr. T! Don’t write them off yet. They are the A-Team of the ballroom. Herjavec brings a whole other level of sexy, both to DWTS and to Instagram. If you aren’t following her yet, these hot pics from her Instagram will make you click that “follow” button.

The 40-year-old Kym Johnson found love in the ballroom on DWTS season 20. She was partnered with entrepreneur and Shark Tank personality, Robert Herjavec. They didn’t win the Mirrorball, but they also didn’t leave empty-handed. The dancing partners fell in love, and after Herjavec’s divorce with his wife was finalized, he tied the knot with the Australian ballroom dancer. She was on a hiatus from the series during which time the two got married. She’s now back in season 24 and is doing her best to win her third Mirrorball Trophy with Mr. T. During her break from DWTS, Herjavec has been posting pictures of her blissful married life on Instagram, including a few bikini shots from her honeymoon. Take a look at some of the hottest pics from Kym Herjavec’s Instagram, right here.

#1. Making 40 look better than 20 with her fantastic body!

#2. Even if you haven’t signed up for a class, you’d listen to everything she said!

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#3. A “spring in her step” isn’t enough for this.

#4. Looking like a fabulous queen every day.

#5. You can never take the ballroom beauty away from the sparkle.

#6. Bora Bora is so lucky to be graced by this beauty!

#7. She’s so fabulous, she brings Snapchat filters to life!

#8. A vision in white on her big day.

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#9. She’s so gorgeous, it’s literally hair-raising.

#10. If you want to have a body like Kym’s, you need to get your hands on her fitness video.

#11. Up close and personal.

#12. Hilarious and hot!

#13. Meeting your idol.

#14. There’s a reason she deserves that crown. Because she’s a queen.

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#15. Crappy weather equals hair problems. Obviously, she still looks perfection!

#16. Dance partners for life.

#17. Relaxing at the beach.

#18. Injuries can take a hike. Here’s a real pro!

#19. Her husband hit the jackpot.

#20. Meet the boss.