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Sparks are flying in the ballroom, and we don’t mean in a good way. Dancing with the Stars contestants are not pleased with Heather Morris’ participation on the show. But she’s rocking the glitzy dance competition, anyway. You know what else she rocks? Sexy Instagram posts! You go, Heather!

Glee alum and Beyoncé’s former backup dancer, Heather Morris is tearing it up on Dancing with the Stars. But some of the other celebs and fans aren’t happy that she comes from a professional dancing background. Charo is hoping her entertaining personality will give her an upper hand, while Simone Biles is bringing her gymnastic grace to the ballroom floor. There are even rumors of a feud going on behind the scenes with former figure-skater, Nancy Kerrigan being upset about tying with Morris for third place, and reportedly thinks the actress is too cocky about her dance training. But Morris and her partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy are up for any advantage in the most competitive ballroom on TV. In fact, DWTS judges are holding 30-year-old Morris to higher standards and are expecting something more from her. So far, she’s doing great!

While Morris’ dance moves have always been hot, there’s one more hot thing about her —her sexy Instagram pics. She may be third on the DWTS leaderboard, but she tops the list when it comes to raising temperatures with a single picture. She can sing, she can act, we know she can dance, but she can also give a supermodel a run for their money. You’re going to find it hard to believe that she’s the mother of two children, the youngest who was born only a year ago. Check out the best and hottest pics from the multi-talented star, right here.

#1. Simple and chic is always the way to go.

#2. To quote Rihanna, Heather Morris shines bright like a diamond.

Looking forward to the sun ???

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#3. A smoldering gaze to hypnotize you in seconds.


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#4. We need a Glee reunion ASAP!

Me if Trump wins this election

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#5. She is beauty, she is grace, she is swag.


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#6. She has the “Smize” down to a T! Tyra would be so proud.

#TBT Photographed by my amazing friend @audreydouglass

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#7. Just a little reminder, she’s flawless from every angle.

#8. Rockin’ the original ‘Duck Face’ and still looking fabulous!

#9. Bare-faced beauty, we bow to your radiance.

Sunday morning pineapple slices

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#10. We dare you to rock a pair of floral pants and a cut-out top like Morris. It’s not easy!

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#11. Perfection, thy name is Heather.

??? ?by @audreydouglass

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#12. Walk, walk, stop, turn, and BAM!

Oh hello Friday. ?by:@audreydouglass

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#13. The “V” here stands for vivacious.

#14. Get your sunglasses on —that pregnancy glow can be blinding!

Photo by @jud4444

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#15. A Salute to this gorgeous lady. She’s pin-up perfection!

Salut #fridayvibes #fbf

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