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If you caught Thursday’s game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, then you already know who won. But what people really want to know is what happened between Rihanna and Warriors player, Kevin Durant. There have been rumors that they’re feuding, while others are insisting that he thought of her as his dream girl. Fans have started asking about Kevin Durant’s girlfriend and if you want details, then look no further than our Jasmine Shine wiki.

Who is Jasmine Shine?

That’s a good question. Many don’t know much about her, and subjects such as Jasmine Shine’s family and Jasmine Shine’s age have no answers. But with all the press surrounding Durant right now, many are becoming more and more curious about the people closest to him. Fans have discovered who Kevin Durant’s girlfriend is, but the problem is, the woman dating one of the Golden State’s finest athletes has done a good job keeping herself very private! Durant is always rumored to be dating someone in the entertainment industry, but there’s usually more to go on. Jasmine Shine is seemingly ghosting the Internet, and it’s almost impressive how she’s stayed so far under the radar!

What is Jasmine Shine’s Instagram?

Another great question! If you’re looking to ogle over Jasmine Shine’s hot pics, then good luck! Fans of the basketball player have commented that his girlfriend only has two photos of herself online. It’s pretty strange that for a reported Instagram model, no one can find her Instagram! We have never heard of a Millennial dating a star athlete and not have a single social media trace. It’s new territory, but clearly, she and Durant want their privacy. Besides, not everybody wants their personal lives aired out on a daily! We can only imagine that if she did have Instagram, she would be posting the usual vacation pics that couples are prone to sharing.

Kevin Durant vs. Rihanna

The Warriors beat the Cavaliers 113-91, but Durant’s three-point scores and LeBron James‘ slam dunks weren’t the focus of the night. During the game, all eyes were on Rihanna and Durant. Reportedly, fans witnessed the Grammy-winning singer staring down and heckling Durant, since she happens to be a huge LeBron James fan. Many even witnessed Rihanna bowing to James and being told off by a woman in the stands. (She did what? Does she know who she’s talking to?!) Rihanna has sold out albums, shut down red carpets and remains to be the high level of standard in the industry. So, it’s no surprise she took her sweet time sitting down and even dabbed at the woman before doing so. Fans may have come for the game, but they stayed for Rihanna. Though the Rihanna-Durant “feud” was the highlight of the night, but apparently Durant denied looking at her at all! According to some of his former tweets, he is a huge of hers, or at least a fan of her butt! In September 2009, Durant tweeted out that he wanted to bite her butt cheek! Is it possible that fans are just imagining drama that isn’t there? Maybe. But Rihanna isn’t bothered and neither is Durant.

Is Durant Taking a Pay Cut?

Kevin Durant already let fans know that his return to the Warriors isn’t a sure thing for next season. Apparently, he’s even willing to go back for less money in order to sweeten the deal. Last year when he moved from the Thunder to the Warriors, he signed a two-year contract for $27.0 million. However, in early May, he said how much he loved being on the team and said didn’t have any plans to leave. It’s all about winning, and Durant taking less money means the team doesn’t have to make space for him under a salary cap. Finger crossed!