Tati Westbrook attends Vanity Fair and Lancome Toast to The Hollywood Issue at Chateau Marmont on February 23, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

Unless you didn’t have Internet access this weekend, there’s no way you missed YouTube’s most epic feud. Beauty guru Tati Westbrook slammed her former protege, James Charles, for betraying her. Tati claims that Charles not only wronged her, but also owes her husband an apology. James Westbrook’s name has been thrown into the mix and you’re probably curious about the other James in Tati’s life. Fret no further, because we’ve got James Westbrook’s wiki to fill you in.

About James Westbrook
Known AsJames Alexander Westbrook
Age53 Years
BirthSeptember 10, 1970
SpouseTati Westbrook 2017 - Present
ChildrenTaylor Westbrook
SiblingsBeth Robinson, Cheryl Fennell
ParentsDr. Sidney Westbrook Jr, Linda Westbrook
AddressLos Angeles, California
CountryUnited States
AlumniGeorgia Institute of Technology, North State Academy
HometownValdese, North Carolina

James Westbrook Is from North Carolina

James Alexander Westbrook was reportedly born on September 10, 1970 to Dr. Sidney Westbrook Jr. and Linda Westbrook. James’ parents were from Valdese, North Carolina where James and his sisters, Cheryl Fennell and Beth Robinson were raised.

James graduated from North State Academy in Hickory, North Carolina in 1988. He went on to attend Georgia Institute of Technology.

While his sisters remained with their families in North Carolina, James and his parents came to Georgia. When his father passed away in 1994, James was based in Marietta while his parents were in Atlanta.

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Westbrook and Tati Married in 2017

James Westbrook isn’t active on social media and much of what we know about him is from Tati’s social media posts. And she loves gushing about her man.

In 2019, Tati commemorated nine years together with Westbrook. They have been together since 2010, and have celebrated many milestones together, including moving into a home together in 2013. Out of the nine years, they have been married for two.

Tati and James tied the knot on January 11, 2017. She shared the beautiful day with her fans in a YouTube video days after the ceremony.

James Charles, who referred to Tati as his “mom” back then, was her designated makeup artist at her wedding.

Westbrook has also hosted videos on Tati’s YouTube channel, including one where he tests cosmetic products for men. He’s featured with Tati in the traditional “Husband/Boyfriend does my makeup” challenge and they’ve also tested weird skincare products together.

Westbrook’s Son Is a Musician

James has a son, Taylor, from a previous relationship, and Tati is his stepmom. You might recognize Taylor from when he featured on Tati’s channel doing her makeup.

Taylor (born 1994) was born in Georgia but now resides in L.A. where he’s pursuing his musical ambitions.

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Westbrook Works in the Media Business

As Tati has said, James Westbrook worked in the media business and “he knows the industry through and through.” Sure enough, Westbrook has owned different companies over the years. “He’s so gifted with his view of how deals, contracts, business development … he’s a master at it. I love his brilliant mind,” Tati said about her husband.

Among his early ventures, he was the president of Magnalinx, LLC. The company, which was based in Delaware and later in California, manufactured magnetic therapy bracelets. But it appears Magnalinx shuttered after 2008.

He was also the president of Hollywood Entertainment Partners Inc. more than a decade ago and the VP of Motion Pictures, a talent agency.

In her dramatic video where she slammed James Charles for endorsing a rival company’s products, she said that Charles owed her husband an apology, too. Tati claims that Charles asked Westbrook to be his manager until Westbrook refused.

“My husband would spend hours on the phone, looking over contracts getting him in a better position,” Tati added. “We helped [James Charles] get into StyleHaul back when basically no one wanted to work with him because of his Ebola scandal and everyone was afraid that he was very toxic. But once again, we had his back.”

Charles did apologize to Tati and James Westbrook in his YouTube video later.