Another hit single from Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman album is out now, and it’s sounding quiet lovely. You’ll surely enjoy listening to Ariana Grande’s new song, “Be Alright,” and trying to figure out what the pop diva means by checking out the “Be Alright” lyrics. This is the second single Ariana has released from her new album, right after the title trackDangerous Woman” was released last week.

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Ariana’s “Be Alright” lyrics hint of another hit love song from the pop singer, making her fans excited to check it out. “Be Alright” has got Ariana’s singing fused with some great dance music. Once you listen to “Be Alright,” you’ll likely want to listen to it one more time. But this time, check out the “Be Alright” lyrics and find out what Ariana means with the words “We’re gonna be alright” echoing in its chorus. These words may speak of Ariana’s intimate feelings for her new boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez.

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The best part of Ariana’s “Be Alright” is the good blend of tropical melodies on an EDM tempo. It sounds like a cool dance track played in chic club parties, but it also feels like one could listen to it while enjoying a sunset at a beach. So, why don’t you listen to Ariana Grande’s new single below, and read the “Be Alright” lyrics at!