Here’s something you ought to know about if you’re in today’s hottest celebrity gossip: there’s a new guy in Ariana’s life. Pop diva Ariana Grande is currently dating a guy named Ricky Alvarez. Now, it’s not the Argentine football player who goes by the same name; this is a new Ricky altogether.

Ricky Alvarez

After first being picked up by Hollywood’s rumor radar for being Ariana Grande’s latest love interest, Ricky Alvarez is soon going to become a celebrity in in his own right through paparazzi tabloids. At this moment, not much is known about him or where he comes from, but still Ricky Alvarez has grabbed headlines by being the backup dancer who wooed Ariana Grande off her feet!


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Who Is Ricky Alvarez?

Ricky Alvarez is a backup dancer from Ariana Grande’s concert crew and has been accompanying the singer on her tours for over a year. Ricky has been currently performing for Ariana in almost all of her live performances and has grabbed a bit more attention than what backup dancers usually get. Rumors have it that Ricky is 22-year-old guy from California, who’s 5’10” tall and has been associated with a dancing crew, whose name remains unknown for now.

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When Ricky Met Ariana

Ricky Alvarez is rumored to have been dating Ariana since June last year and they seemed to hit it off during stage rehearsals for Ariana’s tour. While the gorgeous pop singer hasn’t publicly confirmed dating Ricky, the picture is quite clear, considering the amount of PDA shared by the couple over the past few days, especially when Ariana recently hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) to promote her new album. The couple couldn’t get their hands off each other and were caught passionately kissing at the SNL wrap party.

Photo Credits: Instagram/rickyrozay


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