CIRCA 1984: Members of "The Clark Sisters" gospel group pose for a portrait in circa 1984. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Amid this period of self-isolation, Lifetime is keeping our spirits up with its latest biopic, The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel. Produced by Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott, this movie follows the formation and rise of The Clark Sisters, a group of five sisters from Detroit for whom gospel music is a family thing. Their mother, Mattie Moss Clark, formed the group and trained them before the girls performed at the church of their father, Elder Albert Clark. The movie has brought the relationships between Jackie, Denise, Twinkie, Dorinda, and Karen and their family into focus. There’s a lot of curiosity about the Clark Sisters’ husbands and children, too. So, we’ve delved into the gospel goddesses’ marriage history here.

Jacky Clark Was Married to Deacon Glynn Chisholm

Jacky Clark (born on December 29, 1948) is Mattie Moss Clark’s daughter from her first marriage to Leo Cullum Sr. She is the eldest of The Clark Sisters, with one older sibling, Leo Jr.

She married Glynn Chisholm (born May 8, 1948), a Deacon at the Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ in Detroit, on May 5, 1973. They are parents to three children: Aaron, Michael, and Angelyn. They also have three grandchildren: Madilyn, Bailee, and Taylor.

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The couple had been married for 46 years when Chisholm passed away on November 28, 2019.

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Twinkie Clark Has a Son, John Terrell

Elbernita “Twinkie” Clark (born on November 15, 1954) is the most successful with her solo career among The Clark Sisters. However, very little is known about her romantic relationships.

Gospel music listeners noticed she went by Twinkie Clark Terrell for a while, giving rise to speculation that she was married and divorced.

She has a son, John Terrell, who rapped on her first solo album, Live in Charlotte. However, nothing is known about Terrell’s father.

Furthermore, Terrell has not been seen around much in recent years. There are rumors alleging that he is in prison, but they can’t be confirmed.

These days, Twinkie is often seen assisted by her nephew Larry Clark, who is Denise Clark’s son.

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Dorinda Clark Is Married to Gregory Cole

Dorinda Clark (born on October 19, 1957) married Gregory Cole on December 2, 1978. His father, Cleveland Cole, was also a musician before he passed away in 2015.

Dorinda and Greg are parents to two children, Nikkia Cole and Gregory “Jay” Cole Jr. They also have two young grandchildren.

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Karen Clark’s Daughter Played Her in the Lifetime Movie

Karen Clark (born on November 15, 1960) is the youngest of the six children in the Clark family.

She married a Detroit-based minister, Bishop J. Drew Sheard. He is also a pastor in the same church as Jacky’s late husband.

They have two children, Kierra “Kiki” Sheard (born on June 20, 1987) and John Drew Sheard Jr. (born 1989). Kierra is a gospel music artist in her own right. And she played Karen in the Lifetime movie.

J. Drew Jr. is a music producer credited on several of Kierra’s albums. He has two children, Jacob and Kali.

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Denise Clark Has Seven Children

Denise “Niecy” Clark, the second oldest of The Clark Sisters, left the group in 1986. She’s been estranged from them ever since. Denise reportedly saw her sisters for the first time in years at their mother’s funeral in 1996.

It’s long rumored that Denise was kicked out of the group. However, her side of the story is that she had gotten pregnant out of wedlock and was told to have an abortion.

Occasionally, Denise will speak about her strained relationship with her sisters in the media.

“Nobody kicked me out. I was tired of things I was experiencing behind having my children. And that coming about, I wasn’t going to get rid of my children. I was being counseled to get rid of my children,” she said on Larry Reid Live in 2019.

Denise settled in California, where she pursued a solo career. She also raised seven boys there. But their father’s identity is not known.

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