A portrait of Paige and Bernie from Seeking Sister Wife. Photo Credits: Victoria Burnett/TLC

About Bernie Allen McGee
Known AsBernie McGee
Age41 Years
BirthJuly 15, 1977
DeathJune 15, 2019 Brandon, Mississippi
SpousePaige McGee
ChildrenDavid McGee, Nathan McGee, Kyle McGee, Scott McGee, John McGee
SiblingsAngie Williams
ParentsBrenda Howard McGee, Johnny Ray McGee
ShowsSeeking Sister Wife

TLC’s hit show, Seeking Sister Wife, has lost one of its stars. Bernie McGee of the controversial McGee family on the show, passed away on June 15, 2019. He leaves behind his wife, Paige McGee, who appeared in the series with him. Our Bernie McGee wiki has the details on this reality star’s untimely death.

Bernie McGee Passed Away in Mississippi

Born Bernie Allen McGee on July 15, 1977 to Johnny Ray McGee and Brenda Howard McGee, he passed away on June 15, 2019 in Brandon, Mississippi where he lived with his wife, Paige McGee.

McGee and his sister, Angie Williams, have lived in North Carolina and Mississippi. He passed away at a hospital in Jackson, MS, and funeral services will be held in Brandon on June 18.

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Before I even knew what happened I saw a post that said he passed so I sent his wife this message I received. Please send the family all your well wishes and healing during this difficult time. First let me say I'm sending you this message with the hope of bringing you healing. It happened very quickly as I see a snap of the fingers . He was at peace with passing as He was strong in his faith and he knew that you all would lift each other up when the grief became too much to bear. He says that he spoke about this possibility and has no doubt that you can't get thru this and speaks to all the beautiful memories you created. He shows me outstretched arms to unfold everyone into them during this time. He laughs and says that it much nicer than he expected and promises to wait for you and children to join him one day and rejoice in God's plan. He wants you to know that thier were some words unsaid and that it's ok. He says do not go back and forth wondering if you could have called one more time … that it was his time and that the love you shared was enough for two lifetimes. Be gentle with yourself during this process and know if you ever need him he is just a thought away. #seekingsisterwives #BernieMcgee #Rip #support #love #messagesfromheavan

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McGee is survived by his wife, Paige McGee, and their sons, David (and his wife Tabitha), Nathan, Scott, John, and Kyle. He also leaves behind three granddaughters, Isabella, Lily, and Serenity, his sister and her husband, and her daughter.

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Bernie McGee Reportedly Had a Heat Stroke or Heart Attack

News of Bernie’s death first broke when the Winder family, who also starred on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife, posted a tribute to Bernie on social media. Paige McGee would later confirm the news in a Facebook group post.

Paige wrote on the group page: “Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Bernie was out riding his bicycle and called me, saying he wasn’t feeling well and to come pick him up. By the time I got there, EMTs were working on him, but I could already tell. The coroner said he had a heat stroke/heart attack. Please bare with me. I will respond as I can [sic].”

The official cause of death hasn’t been revealed, however.

A GoFundMe Has Been Set up for the McGee Family

Bernie was the sole breadwinner of the family that now consists of Paige and their two youngest sons. Paige reportedly is a homemaker and also taught their children.

With Bernie gone, Paige is facing an unexpected financial burden. To help her and her children, a friend has set up a GoFundMe page. As of this writing, the page has earned over $400.00 towards the $10,000 goal.

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Paige Allegedly Blamed Bernie’s Brother for His Death

Bernie and Paige were arrested in March 2019 on felony stalking charges. The couple allegedly harassed Paige’s brother, Patrick Marble, and his girlfriend and were arrested and released on the same day.

The feud between Paige and Patrick has apparently been going on since the McGees appeared on SSW season 2. Earlier this year, Patrick slammed his sister for allegedly attacking a fan whose child has Down Syndrome.

Paige’s insensitive remarks about the special needs child led to criticism from the Internet and a call to have the McGees fired from the show.

After confirming news of Bernie’s death on the Facebook group, Paige returned to the group to slam her brother. She alleged that stress caused by Patrick led to Bernie’s death.

She alleged that an upcoming court date regarding the charges against them and the mounting legal fees had taken a toll on them, especially Bernie. She said that her brother and mother have been trying to get them fired from the TLC show with their “bullying” and she no longer keeps in contact with her brother.

The McGees Came on SSW after Their House Burned Down

According to their SSW profile, Paige and Bernie had been considering a plural marriage for some time before they came on the show. However, tragedy struck before they could take the next step.

Their house in Brandon burned down and the couple and their two young sons had to move into a mobile camper. They used the  opportunity to make a fresh start and came on SSW to find a sister wife.

They tried online dating and their search led them to a woman named Brandy. As we saw in season 2, things were initially going well between the McGees and Brandy. But soon, Paige’s jealousy kicks in and she makes it very difficult for Brandy. Their plural relationship falls apart by the end of the season.

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