Dimitri Snowden with his family. Photo Credits: Victoria Burnett/TLC

Seeking Sister Wife aired the season 2 Tell All episode last night (April 14), but the Snowdens are already saying farewell to their newest addition. Vanessa Cobbs’ wedding to Dimitri Snowden, who’s already married to Ashley Snowden, aired last week. Yet soon after the Tell All, it was revealed that Vanessa and the Snowdens have separated. In fact, there was speculation of trouble in paradise around the time their wedding aired. What happened to Vanessa on Seeking Sister Wife? We’ve got the details, here.

Did Vanessa Leave the Snowdens?

Sadly for a lot of fans, Vanessa Cobbs, Dimitri Snowden, and Ashley Snowden confirmed Sunday night that Vanessa and the Snowdens have separated. While Dimitri and Ashley shared the same lengthy statement on their respective social media profiles, Vanessa posted a unique statement of her own.

In her statement, Vanessa said she really loves Ashley, Dimitri, and their children. However, she continued: “[M]y love and commitment to them overshadowed my love and commitment to myself.”


She followed the statement with another Instagram post saying that she is spending time in Australia with her sister, presumably twin Adrienne Cobbs, to get over the separation.


The Snowdens said in their statement that they are saddened by Vanessa’s decision but wish her well. The statement also said that they will take time to recover from the separation before looking for another sister wife for their plural family.


Why Did Vanessa Leave the Snowdens?

So far, the reason for Vanessa’s departure from her new plural family is unclear. Their respective statements don’t give a clear answer and we’d have to wait for the next season of Seeking Sister Wife to find out what went down between the Snowden brood shortly after their plural wedding.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of speculation doing the rounds in Seeking Sister Wife social media circles. From what they have seen on the show, many fans believe that Vanessa was making all the adjustments to enter the Snowden fold while Dimitri and Ashley made none.

There’s other, very critical speculation, too! There’s a good section of fans who accuse the entire Snowden storyline of being scripted. The timing of the announcements are apparently evidence of this.

According to some Reddit users, shortly after Vanessa’s wedding to Dimitri (and to Ashley by extension) aired, her sister or some other relative posted on social media that she had separated from the Snowdens. The post was deleted before many could read it, but the rumors began from there.

The trio announced their separation on social media shortly after the Seeking Sister Wife Tell All aired on TLC where they had put on a united front. So the confirmation came as a shock to the show’s viewers.

Some claim that Vanessa and the Snowdens are actors who staged the entire plural wedding. Others said that Vanessa is an actress who was hired to play the Snowdens’ sister wife.

Vanessa, however, replied to a few comments to deny those accusations and thank others for their support. She said that the show was “100% real for all of us” and she was not paid for putting on an act.

Vanessa Cobbs Comment Reply 1

Vanessa also replied to one person that the breakup happened after filming was done. So we don’t know if we’ll get to see how their relationship ended on TV. She also couldn’t confirm whether she’ll have the opportunity to explain her decision.

Vanessa Cobbs Comment Reply 2

Some also speculate that Vanessa’s mother had something to do with her decision to leave. If you recall, Vanessa’s mom was not buying into the whole polygamy arrangement.

Either way, we’ll have more answers to what went down between Vanessa and the Snowdens when Seeking Sister Wife returns.

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