Dimitri Snowden with his family. Photo Credits: Victoria Burnett/TLC

About Dimitri Snowden
Known AsDimitri Seneca Snowden
Age43 Years
BirthJanuary 25, 1981 Buffalo, New York
SpouseVanessa Cobbs 2019 - Present,
Ashley Snowden 2009 - Present
ChildrenCanaria Snowden, Armonío Snowden, Nenúfar Snowden
AddressLos Angeles, California
JobReality TV Star
TV ShowSeeking Sister Wife

Dimitri Snowden from the hit TLC show Seeking Sister Wife has been building a loyal fanbase and now people want to know more about him. After being introduced to Dimitri during the first season, viewers want to get up close and personal with the new reality star and his growing family. Here’s a closer look, with our Dimitri Snowden wiki.

Who Is Dimitri Snowden?

Dimitri Seneca Snowden was born on January 25, 1981 in Buffalo, New York. Currently, he lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Ashley Snowden, and their three children.

The couple is featured as main cast members on the popular reality show, Seeking Sister Wife. The show, which is currently in its second season, centers around three unique polygamous family units looking to add at least one new matriarch into the mix.

Snowden is a self-proclaimed “ontological architect and change agent.” If you’re wondering what that means, you’re not alone! Luckily, his website does a pretty good job of explaining it:

“Dimitri Snowden subscribes to the philosophy that what people design, designs them back (design thinking). In other words: the digital journey he designs for his customers will be redesigned by his customers.”

Reportedly, Snowden has an IQ of 129, which classifies him as being gifted.

Dimitri’s Multicultural Background

Snowden’s father is an Afro-Cuban immigrant who served as a naval officer in the Vietnam War. His mother is an African-American humanitarian whom Snowden describes as “compassionate,” “well spoken,” as well as “strict and fiery.”

Snowden admits that, growing up, he spent a lot of his time alone because he couldn’t relate to the other kids his age. And the feeling was apparently mutual. Coming from a mixed-culture family, he felt that he wasn’t “black enough” to hang out with other black people in his community or “white enough” to fit in with the white community.

Given that his family was constantly moving around from one place to another, Snowden’s introspective nature would serve him well. His parents practiced a lot of tough love, which Snowden credits for his tenacity and ambitiousness in life.

They also encouraged him to pursue a higher education and channel his creativity in whatever ways he saw fit—and that’s exactly what he continues to do.

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His Varied Hobbies and Interests

Snowden makes no secret of his above-average level of intelligence. In addition to embarking on a number of successful and admittedly unsuccessful business ventures, technological innovations, and creative projects, he’s also developed a series of high-tech products such as Hypervolt, Cognita, and Defense Bag.

Snowden also has a wide range of interests and pastimes including mixed martial arts, race car driving, and building Lego models.

As if all of that wasn’t impressive enough, Snowden also teaches quantum mechanics in his spare time and has developed countless products and services for various big-name brands.

He’s worked on projects for Visa, General Dynamics, and Radio One, just to name a few.

Dimitri Snowden’s net worth and salary per Seeking Sister Wife episode have not been made public, though they are reportedly under review.

With two seasons of the show under his belt, we’re sure both amounts have increased in 2019.

Having accomplished so much before the age of 40, it’s a wonder he has time for one life partner, let alone two!

His Wife Ashley Snowden

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden married on October 9, 2009.

Both Snowdens are creative souls. Ashley is a Tahitian dancer who enjoys ice skating, painting, and singing. She also speaks three languages and was an anthropology major in college.

Ashley says it was her understanding of various cultural and religious norms and practices around the world that made her open to entering into a plural relationship with Snowden.

Dimitri Always Wanted a Big Family

In an interview with Essence magazine, the Snowdens talked about their experience on the show and taking on common misconceptions of polygamy, especially after adding a new sister wife into the mix.

“Everything in the Black community is taboo, and broadcasting our relationship on TV, I think it’s helped me to depend on her more or know that I can,” Dimitri said. “The feedback that we do get is obviously male-centered because it’s, ‘why would a man do this? It’s all about him.’ And the observation of how we may behave or work inside our relationship, of course, was then used to leverage unfavorable responses.”

He added that the negative comments have a cumulative effect that is “hurtful.”

Ashley is grateful for the couple’s supportive families.

“I realize that we actually probably do come from some pretty open-minded families in a way,” Ashley revealed. “Neither one of them is happy about it, but they both support us because they love us. That’s it.”

However, Ashley admitted it was difficult to know how to broach the subject with their parents—without any blueprint to follow.

Snowden decided around the age of 24 that he wanted to have a massive family. He’d eventually like to have nine kids!

“When Ashley and I met, I told her my vision for my family was to have more than one wife,” he admitted in a season 1 confessional. “When people think polygamy, they think Mormon, they think Utah. We’re not Mormon and we certainly don’t live in Utah and we’re people of color … I want a noisy house, babies everywhere. I just want an epically big family.”

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Snowden and Ashley already have three young children together, Nenúfar, 6, Armonío, 4, and Canaria, 17 months. They are all multilingual, well-traveled, and homeschooled—which is evident through Dimitri and Ashley’s respective Instagram accounts.

Dimitri Snowden’s Instagram

Snowden and Ashley both have a loyal following on social media. In fact, there are three Instagram accounts linked to the Snowdens—Dimitri’s, Ashley’s, and a third account that’s dedicated to the whole family.

Naturally, not all of their followers agree with the polygamous lifestyle and there has certainly been some backlash from viewers of the show. But the family seems to be taking everything in stride and are enjoying themselves.

Recently, Snowden posted a video to his Instagram account addressing the negative comments he gets on social media regarding his lifestyle, personality, and looks.

He starts off by saying, “Man, some of the comments I get are off the meat rack. Crazy.”

Ashley’s Instagram, on the other hand, is fully of inspirational quotes, colorful images, and a look behind the scenes of her personal life. She recently posted a lovely tribute to recently departed rapper Nipsey Hussle, stating that she is “feeling heartbroken over the news of @nipseyhussle.”

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Feeling heartbroken over the news of @nipseyhussle 💔 Please help me lift this Queen up in strength and love, for I know the peace is only a wish at this point. To all of Nipsey’s family, his gorgeous sister on a path to healing who I had the pleasure of meeting recently along with @laurenlondon (pictured) @queenafua womb wellness retreat last weekend. I just feel so connected and responsible for gathering together my tribe to send her as much love as we can, collectively. All I keep feeling for Lauren and her and Nipsey’s family and the greater community who just lost such a rising star… is pain. May his work not be in vain. . #nipseyhussle #laurenlondon #queenafua #loveandloss #communityleaders #remembermethisway

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The family’s Instagram account is full of fun facts, pictures, and fan questions about the family.

Vanessa Cobbs Joined Dimitri’s Family

Even though the Snowdens didn’t have much luck finding a new addition to their growing family in the first season of Seeking Sister Wife, it looked like season 2 had a lot in store for them!

This season has been very eventful for Dimitri and Ashley! They met, courted, and became officially engaged to a young woman named Vanessa Cobbs.

The exciting beach proposal was broadcast on Seeking Sister Wife. Snowden made it Instagram official by posting a cute picture from the episode of him down on one knee in front of Vanessa as Ashley sat behind her and witnessed the whole thing.

Dimitri and Vanessa’s wedding special aired on TLC on Sunday, April 7, 2019.

However, their plural marriage didn’t last long. Shortly after the Seeking Sister Wife Tell All aired on April 14, 2019, Vanessa and the Snowdens announced that Vanessa had decided to leave the family. Vanessa is spending time in Australia with her sister after the separation.

A Disgruntled Ex-Lover or Scandal in the Snowden Household?

A purported ex-lover of the Snowdens claims that the couple isn’t nearly as well put together as they appear to be on the show. She took to social media to air out all of her grievances, including allegations that Dimitri cheated on both her and Ashley while she was in a relationship with them.

The accuser goes on to say in the Facebook post that Ashley was extremely insecure about being friends with other women and wanted to take their relationship to the next level by being intimate together. When the woman refused, she claims that Ashley became very upset and kicked her out of the house.

“There was so much trauma my daughters and I experienced while being there,” she wrote. “It was horrible. Ashley is an enabler and her husband, a sexual deviant.”

The woman, who only goes by the name Kelly Anne on Facebook, also alleged that Snowden and Ashley exchanged text messages in which they said “awful things” about her and her children. She also went on to say, “It was hard to see them take their dysfunction to a national level.”

It’s understandable that things can get a little complicated for those in a plural relationship. But it seems like the Snowdens are trying to work hard to move past all of that.

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Vanessa’s Family Isn’t Accepting of Snowden’s Lifestyle

Vanessa’s family doesn’t seem to be all that comfortable with her new living situation. Things seem to be incredibly awkward and almost cringeworthy on the show.

During a recent episode, Vanessa’s twin sister, Adrienne, said, “My reservations about my sister’s relationship with Dimitri and Ashley is that she’s not going to get everything that she wants and deserves out of the relationship. I think she’ll always be an afterthought just [because of] the natural dynamic from being a second wife, girlfriend, or whatever it is.

“She’s always going to be second place and I really want to get some alone time with her so I can get an honest answer out of her if she’s happy and this is everything she thought and hoped it would be.”

Even Vanessa’s mother seemed extremely uncomfortable and awkward when Snowden paid her a visit to ask her permission to marry her daughter.

Here’s a clip of the awkward encounter:

Unsurprisingly, the Snowdens constantly find themselves having to defend their unorthodox lifestyle choice to people who don’t comprehend how polygamy works. But they’ve made it very clear that they partake in this lifestyle due to personal, not religious, reasons.

Here’s hoping all the best for the Snowdens and their growing family!