Colt and Larissa from 90 Day Fiance. Photo Credits: TLC.

Another day, another 90 Day Fiancé couple bites the dust. Larissa and Colt had a whirlwind romance and an equally volatile marriage that has ended in divorce in 2019. And Larissa already has a new man in her life. If their relationship was too dramatic to keep up with, fret no more. We’re breaking down details of their relationship, here.

Colt and Larissa Divorce after Six Months of Marriage

As we’ve seen on 90 Day Fiancé, Colt Johnson from Las Vegas, Nevada met Larissa Dos Santos Lima from Brazil online. They meet for the first time in Mexico and Colt later spends a week with her in Rio De Janeiro.

After a grand total of 11 days together, Colt proposed to Larissa and she said yes. The engaged couple shack up together in Colt’s Vegas residence he shares with his mother and three cats.

They married in June 2018, but after six months together, the cracks appeared. Viewers dubbed Colt a “mama’s boy,” with his meddling mother becoming a contentious issue in his marriage.

Colt, a computer programmer, also found it difficult to cope with Larissa’s extravagant spending habits. Cheating allegations also popped up during their relationship. (Standard 90 Day Fiancé stuff.)

Things took a dramatic turn on January 11, 2019, when Larissa was arrested for (and later charged with) domestic violence.

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Larissa Arrested for Domestic Violence

Larissa alarmed social media with pleas for help in January. At one point, she posted pictures of shocking injuries she claimed she had sustained during an argument with her husband.

In a series of Instagram stories, Larissa alleged that Colt took her phone away and assaulted her during an argument. Concerned Internet users informed authorities who did a welfare check at their home.

Authorities, however, said that the injuries were self-inflicted and Larissa was the aggressor. She reportedly punched Colt in the head and was arrested.

She had been arrested for domestic violence twice before in 2018, but those charges were dismissed. However, two days after her third arrest, Colt filed for divorce.

Larissa’s friend apparently paid the bond for her bail, and she was staying with the friend after getting out. She immediately took to Instagram again, to thank all the fans who supported her and even raised money for her legal fees.

Colt followed that up with his own social media post detailing his version of the events.

Their respective Instagram posts about the assault have been deleted following the gag order in their divorce settlement.

Larissa and Colt’s Divorce Settlement

In divorce filings, Larissa was requesting spousal support, but she later reached a settlement with Colt.

A day before they were scheduled to appear in court, the couple worked out a deal. According to the settlement they agreed on, both parties will leave the marriage with what they have, including assets and debt. They also agreed to not speak negatively about each other.

As a result, they had an “amicable” divorce agreement with papers filed on April 29, 2019.

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Larissa Has a New Boyfriend

Before their divorce was finalized, an April 2019 Instagram post had Larissa’s followers suspecting she had moved on with a new man. The photo showcased Larissa alongside one Alexsandro Tavares, a Las Vegas resident who also hails from Brazil.

There’s very little known about Tavares, with all his social profiles set to private. However, Larissa dubbed him “adorable.”

View this post on Instagram

With the adorable @alexsandrotavares

A post shared by Larissa dos Santos Lima (@larissalimareal) on

This isn’t the first guy Larissa’s reportedly dated before finalizing her divorce. Colt and Larissa had separate divorce parties and Larissa arrived to her soiree with some eye candy on her arm. Her date was a guy named Eric she met on Tinder, and she couldn’t help but gush about him on Instagram.

Eric still makes regular appearances on her Instagram account, leading many of her followers to believe she is with Eric and Tavares is just a friend.

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