Cast and crew from "The Young and the Restless" pose with the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series attend CBS Daytime Emmy Awards After Party at Pasadena Convention Center on May 05, 2019 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

The Young and the Restless was the big winner at the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards, taking home the award for Outstanding Drama Series. Y&R knows how to keep its fans hooked, and this time they’ve caught all our attention by bringing back a famous character. We last saw Adam Newman in 2016, but the devious Newman is back and looking different. Who is the new Adam on Y&R? Here’s a little backstory on the long-running character.

Y&R Recasts Mark Grossman as Adam Newman

The Newman family is at the heart of The Young and the Restless, so any character who has Newman as their last name is a big deal. Even though Adam Newman has been far from likeable, Victor Newman’s son was one of the gripping attractions of the show.

Adam has been portrayed by three consecutive actors in the past. Chris Engen debuted Adam in 2008, but left a year later ushering in Michael Muhney’s Adam. Muhney was reportedly fired in 2014, and Justin Hartley was cast as Adam. Hartley landed the role of Kevin Pearson on NBC’s This Is Us and left the show in 2016.

Y&R writers had kept the door open for Adam’s return. It only became a waiting game to see who would be the new Adam.

That curiosity came to an end when CBS announced in March 2019 that they had cast Mark Grossman for the role. So, not only is Adam returning, but we’ll see a new face portraying him.

Who is Mark Grossman, you ask? We’ve got some interesting details about the new actor.

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Who Is Mark Grossman?

Maryland native Mark Grossman (born 1987) caught the acting bug when he was still in school. He moved to Los Angeles after high school, where he pursued modeling and acting.

Grossman went on to appear in several TV shows and Lifetime TV movies, even snagging a recurring role in Famous in Love. His other credits include Hustle, Babysitter’s Nightmare, and Before I Got Famous. He also had a brief run on America’s Next Top Model cycle 21 and was a motocross racer.

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At 32 years old, Grossman is a lot younger than any other actors who portrayed Adam before him. His age raised a few eyebrows among longtime Y&R fans, but as many pointed out, Grossman’s age is closest to how old Adam would be on the show right now.

In the Y&R universe, Adam was born in 1995, which would make him around 24 years old now. Grossman might look a lot younger than the previous Adams, but he brings the character to the current timeline effectively.

We’ll, of course, have to wait and see how Grossman will bring the new Adam to life when he makes his Y&R debut this May.

Countdown to Adam’s Return

Being Y&R’s resident troublemaker has landed Adam in lot of hot water only to emerge a new man (pun intended). This is a guy who has faked his death thrice and underwent facial reconstruction in his grand return.

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So we can only anticipate how they will bring Adam back this time (and hopefully for good).

Back when Hartley was leaving the show, Adam had been framed for murder by Chloe. So he escaped to a cabin in the woods, but Chloe found him there, too. She tranquilized him and blew up the cabin. DNA evidence confirmed that Adam had been killed in the cabin explosion.

We thought that was the end for Adam, who had survived death twice before. Until Y&R started dropping hints in 2018 that Adam is alive.

Way back in January 2018, Nick and all of us found out that Chelsea had been hiding a stash of money linked to her dead husband, Adam. She also had a secret phone conversation with an unknown person who many theorize is Adam.

With Grossman cast as Adam, Y&R steadily built up his impending return. It started when Victoria became obsessed with finding out who this person named Spider is her father, Victor, has been hanging out with in Las Vegas.

As it turns out, Spider is actually Adam. He’s alive and apparently lost his memory after the cabin explosion. While everyone presumed he was dead, Adam has been earning big bucks playing poker in Vegas.

Victor had somehow found Adam and was trying to help him regain his memory. Professionals have been no help so far, so it looks like Victor is going to get Adam’s ex Sharon to help jog his memory.

Mark Grossman will make his Y&R debut as Adam in the May 13 episode. Big secrets are surely going to unravel. Don’t miss a single second of The Young and the Restless, weekdays on CBS.