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For football fans, there are very few names that spark can spark a conversation like Terrell Owens‘ does. Does he deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? Did his outspoken manner cost him a longer career? Do you think he could go on the field today? In our Terrell Owens wiki, we’ll take a look at the life and career of this NFL great, along with a look at Terrell Owens’ Dancing with the Stars run.

The Beginnings of Greatness

How old is Terrell Owens? Born in Alexander City, Alabama on December 7, 1973, he is 43 years old. He was raised by his mother and grandmother. While Owens is an incredibly gifted athlete, his grandmother would not allow him to play sports until he hit high school. Once at Benjamin Russell High School, the chains were off and Owens went at it. He played not only football in high school but also track, baseball, and basketball (which he often referred to as his first love). Owens didn’t even start on his high school football team until he took over for another player who was sick. From those humble beginnings came a great wide receiver.

College and Pro Football Career

After high school, Owens attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he continued with not only football, but track, and basketball. He played football at a very high level, and still managed to keep up his basketball skills as he played in the 1995 NCAA Basketball Tournament. His senior year, he played in the Senior Bowl and anchored his school’s 4 x 100 relay team. Ultimately, football took over his professional life as he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 1996.

Owens played for the 49ers until 2003, and while he played well during that time period, the 49ers themselves did not have the best of seasons. What followed was a one season stint with the Philadelphia Eagles, two seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, one season with the Buffalo Bills, and a season with the Cincinnati Bangles.

Press Conferences and Controversy

One of the biggest conversations you will ever hear about Terrell Owens is whether or not his various off-field antics caused a shortening to his career. During his time with the Eagles, Owens fought with the team over money and whether he could play basketball in a summer league. He made public remarks about his coach and other players during press conferences in his own driveway. When he moved to the Dallas Cowboys, Owens overdosed on painkillers and talked smack about the Eagles, his former team. He was also fined for spitting in the face of another player. Despite the fact that he still played pretty well, neither Buffalo nor Cincinnati resigned him. Many might chalk that up to the fact that Owens was getting older, but the fact of the matter was his choices were outweighing his ability to play.

In the meantime, Owens’ bills were starting to stack up. He lived an extravagant lifestyle, and had a number of children with a number of different women. Soon, the child support bills began to stack up which brought Owens to the Dr. Phil show. He played for an Indoor Football League for a season, and signed with the Seattle Seahawks, but never actually played. The message was out: Terrell Owens may be able to go, but he wasn’t worth the hassle.

Dancing with the Stars and Beyond

This year, Owens signed up for Dancing with the Stars 2017. Terrell Owens and Cheryl Burke have lasted into week 7. Despite the fact that he hasn’t played professional football since 2012, Owens still says that he can play, as long as a team makes him a solid offer.

Currently, Terrell Owens’ net worth is taking several hits. He owes back child support, and there was a $2.2 million home in Sherman Oaks, California that was nearly foreclosed on. Hopefully, his run on Dancing with the Stars can help set him back on track.