About Jesse Baer
ParentsEllen Baer (Mother)
AffiliationCommon Ground Bar, Change of Heart
AlumniIthaca College
Birth Year1991

Bobby Flay’s daughter draws as much attention as the celebrity chef himself. The titular stars of Bobby and Sophie on the Coast are both going strong in their respective relationships. Jesse Baer is Sophie Flay’s boyfriend but he’s also recognized as one of the rising stars on New York’s entrepreneurial scene. Baer is behind some of the hottest establishments in the Empire State and is a noteworthy philanthropist. Find all about his rise as a self-made entrepreneur in this Jesse Baer wiki.

Jesse Baer’s Family and Early Life

Jesse Baer, born in 1991, is a native of New York. He spent his formative years in Ithaca.

His mother, Ellen Baer, largely raised him as a single parent, though it wasn’t all that rosy. Jesse described clashing with his mother often growing up.

Even though they butted heads, Jesse credits Ellen as his first business mentor. She was always there with advice and encouragement.

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Jesse Baer’s teenage years were rife with difficulties; he was broke for most of his youth and lived on friends’ couches.

“My upbringing was rough,” Baer recalled, “but it helped me understand what it feels like when everything is so far out of your reach.”

Jesse Baer’s Education and Career

But those childhood hardships shaped Jesse Baer as a serial entrepreneur. While attending Ithaca College from 2010 to 2013, Baer started his first business at age 19. It was a chain of gyms funded by an angel investor. He grew it to 10 locations before exiting the business in 2015.

Baer moved to New York immediately, but his initial business investments in those days failed to take off.

The young entrepreneur’s luck turned in 2017 when he opened Common Ground Bar in New York’s Meatpacking District. The unpretentious, inclusive establishment in an exclusive area was a runaway hit. Baer and his partner were able to add another location in Montauk, which was bigger than the original one and was at max capacity almost every night.

Baer expanded his portfolio with the streetwear brand, “Change of Heart.” The brand produces affordable, good-quality clothing made in a non-exploitative way. Change of Heart is a favorite of athletes like Kevin Durant, Von Miller, Saquon Barkley, Ezekiel Elliott, Blake Griffin, Kyle Kuzma and Tyler Herro.

Fashion, architecture, art, and tattoos are some of Baer’s interests. Apart from reflecting the same artistic passions in Change of Heart, the entrepreneur had a major part in Common Ground’s esthetic. He also consulted on the interior design of bars in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and Miami.

Baer hasn’t forgetten his humble beginnings. Part of his success is enhanced by his and his partners’ efforts to divert a chunk of their business’ profits towards philanthropic ventures.

Jesse Baer and Sophie Flay’s Relationship

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s daughter and ABC7 journalist Sophie Flay has been in a relationship with Jesse Baer at least since 2022. They’re pretty low-key about their romance, and Baer has a limited social media presence.

Baer got dad Bobby Flay’s seal of approval. The chef said the entrepreneur is polite, respectful, and smart.

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“He’s a very good kid,” Bobby Flay told People. “I’m not the stereotypical, ‘You better take care of my daughter.’ She’s an adult. I root for the person that she’s dating. I want him to succeed in this relationship, for both their sakes.”