Sophie Flay is the daughter of the celebrity chef, Bobby Flay and shares her love for food with him. Growing up with a chef father, Sophie is adept at cooking, as well. She studied at the University of Southern California and interned at several media organizations in her attempts to build a career. She loves hanging out with her friends and visit beautiful places.

This past summer, Bobby Flay shocked viewers and Food Network executives by wearing a t-shirt on the set of Iron Chef Showdown which read: “THIS IS MY LAST IRON CHEF BATTLE EVER.” The show was live, so the cameras kept rolling and producers later told him that they would not be able to cut and edit the footage around his T-shirt. Flay said, “I know. That’s the point.” However, in an interview with People magazine, he revealed that the t-shirt incident was a joke, and he was willing to return to Iron Chef “whenever my schedule allows.” This incident has put the spotlight on his family, especially Bobby Flay’s daughter. Keep reading for details from Sophie Flay’s wiki.

Young & Ambitious

Born on April 16, 1996, in New York, to her now divorced parents, Kate Connelly and Bobby Flay, Sophie Flay’s age is 21. Through her mother, Sophie has an older stepbrother named Jonathan. Sophie Flay and Bobby Flay appeared on TV together for the first time on The Rachael Ray Show when she was 17 years old, and spoke about what it was like to live with an Iron Chef for a father. Sophie studied broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California and subsequently interned for organizations such as NBC News, Dash Radio, and NBC Sports.

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Like Father, Like Daughter

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Sophie loves food (not surprisingly!) and everything about it, including making and decorating it. He father once said, “She’s really interested in food, loves to eat food, loves to go to restaurants, will try anything. I just thought it was kind of fun that she wanted to teach me how to make a dish or two.” When asked about what about Sophie’s absolute comfort in front of the camera he admires, Bobby said, “The thing about Sophie is, like, you talk about getting nervous in front of the camera — I don’t think she ever does. I don’t think she cares— but in the best way. I don’t think she’s worried about it.”

A Bright Future Ahead

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There is no doubt that Sophie is a beautiful young lady and those of you who want to check out Sophie Flay’s pics should head over to her social media accounts. Sophie Flay’s Instagram is full of pictures of her with her father, friends, on the beach, on TV sets, sightseeing at various places, and at restaurants. With youth, vitality, intelligence, and a loving pair of parents, Sophie is a very happy young woman.

Vegas for the day

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