Sophie Flay and Bobby Flay at Pimlico Race Track on May 18, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for The Stronach Group)

About Sophie Flay
Age28 Years
BirthApril 16, 1996 New York
ParentsBobby Flay, Kate Connelly
AlumniUniversity of Southern California
Works ForABC7
TV showThe Rachael Ray Show
Worked forBeccaPR, NBC News, Dash Radio, NBC Sports, Warner Bros, NBC Sports
DatingCory Singer

When celebrity chef Bobby Flay and his daughter Sophie Flay came together to host the podcast, Always Hungry, people saw the personal side of this renowned chef. Bobby Flay’s only child chose to follow in his footsteps in the media world instead of the culinary industry. And this father and the daughter’s dynamic is the cutest. People loved how the father-daughter duo shared their life experiences and stories while cooking together. It has many fans wanting to know more about who Bobby Flay’s daughter is and what she does for a living. We reveal all the details about the celebrity chef’s scion in Sophie Flay’s wiki.

Sophie Flay’s Family

Sophie Flay was born on April 16, 1996, in New York, to Bobby Flay and his second wife, Kate Connelly. Her parents were married from 1995 to 1998. She grew up in Connecticut.

Sophie has an older brother named Jonathan from her mother Connelly’s previous relationship.

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Sophie and Bobby appeared on TV together for the first time on The Rachael Ray Show when she was 17 years old, and spoke about what it was like to live with an Iron Chef for a father.


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Sophie loves food (not surprisingly!) and everything about it, including making and decorating it. He father once said, “She’s really interested in food, loves to eat food, loves to go to restaurants, will try anything. I just thought it was kind of fun that she wanted to teach me how to make a dish or two.”

When asked about what about Sophie’s absolute comfort in front of the camera, Bobby said, “The thing about Sophie is, like, you talk about getting nervous in front of the camera — I don’t think she ever does. I don’t think she cares — but in the best way. I don’t think she’s worried about it.”

Bobby is also happy that the two most important women in his life get along very well. Bobby’s girlfriend, Christina Pérez and Sophie get along very well and are good friends.

Sophie Flay’s Career

Sophie studied broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California. At USC, she was part of an acapella group, worked for the campus broadcast stations, and was active in her sorority’s events.

Before Sophie had earned her bachelor’s degree in 2018, she had gained experience through multiple internships. She interned at BeccaPR, NBC News, Dash Radio, Warner Bros., and NBC Sports with the Olympics team. She also worked with the TODAY Show and the Olympics in Brazil and South Korea when she was in college.


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If you are a regular user of Spotify, chances are you heard Sophie’s voice telling you to switch to premium. She recorded these Spotify ads as a voice track artist from 2016 to 2018.

Since graduating from college, Sophie has been based in California. She began her career at ABC7 as a digital news intern in Glendale. She has also worked as a community journalist under the Walt Disney Company banner.

The father daughter came together to co-host a weekly podcast, Always Hungry, on iHeartRadio. The chef especially loves that he gets to spend time with his daughter as they share life experiences on the show.

As far as Sophies current job is concerned, she is working as a community journalist for ABC7 and cover  stories in Silver Lake and adjacent communities. She joined the team of ABC7 in March 2019.

Sophie Flay’s Relationships

Sophie Flay keeps a tight lip about her personal life, including her relationship history. She is currently dating an entrepreneur Jesse Baer. Bobby’s daughter, however, has never shown off a photo of the two of them together or spoken publicly about her lover.

When People talked to Bobby about Sophie’s dating life and if he approves their relationship. The chef said that Jesse is a very good kid and he roots for the person that his daughter is dating.


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It is unclear how the couple met or started dating. However, a few intimate pictures of them together have surfaced, piquing her followers’ interest.  The public is anxiously awaiting Sophie’s official words regarding her relationship.