Mikey Tua attends Hayden Summerall's 13th Birthday Bash at Bardot on April 15, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

You might remember Mikey Tua and his girlfriend, Danielle Cohn, from their YouTube prank that was not well received earlier this year. Mikey Tua is a rising influencer on the video platform who found fame making videos with his girlfriend. In case you’re curious about the young YouTuber, we’ve got a primer on Danielle Cohn’s boyfriend in our Mikey Tua wiki.

About Mikey Tua
Age21 Years
BirthJune 12, 2002 Silverdale, Washington
SiblingsJojo Tua
ParentsKatie Tua, Delvin Tua
AddressLos Angeles, California
CountryUnited States
GirlfriendDanielle Cohn

(Editor’s Note: Some facts cannot be verified owing to the fictional storylines created by Mikey Tua and Danielle Cohn for their YouTube content.)

Mikey Tua Is Currently in California

Mikey Tua was born on June 12, 2002 in Silverdale, Washington. He’s the younger of two sons born to Delvin and Katie Tua.

Malibu native Katie Tua is familiar for her appearances in her son’s videos. She graduated from Harvard University and returned to the Golden State with her family.

Delvin Tua, who hails from San Francisco, keeps a relatively low profile. Judging from his social media activity, the Tua family relocated to Los Angeles where his young kids’ careers are based. Delvin also speaks Samoan, which may indicate Mikey’s ethnicity from his father’s side.

It’s not very clear from Mikey’s videos, considering they create a lot of storylines for the sake of entertainment. However, it appears that he currently resides in California with his family. It’s also unclear how he balances school with his career.

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Mikey’s Brother Is Jojo Tua

Mikey’s older brother, Jojo Tua, (reportedly born September 27, 2000) is an actor you might recognize. Besides working in short films and making appearances on the Teen Choice Awards, Jojo had a small role on Cold Case Files on the A&E Network.

The Tua brothers also worked together in the movie Try to Smile. Although the movie has reportedly wrapped filming, its current status is unclear.

Jojo features in Mikey and Danielle’s videos often. In a recent clip, Dani says she has a crush on Jojo, and in another video, she goes on a date with the older Tua. Dani quickly finds out that Mikey is the only Tua for her, however.

Mikey and Dani Came under Fire for Faking a Pregnancy

Mikey Tua has been dating Musical.ly star Danielle Cohn for at least a year, after asking her out on his birthday and shortly after Dani posted a tearful video about breaking up with an ex. Since they began dating, their content has focused on their relationship.

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Tua even features in Cohn’s music videos for her songs like “Only You,” and sings cover songs with her. But they’re better known for the run-of-the-mill influencer couple activities like Q&As, reaction videos, and pranks.

However, their recent series of videos earned them backlash from YouTube viewers. For the uninitiated, the couple shared a four-part series with their millions of YouTube subscribers announcing that Danielle is pregnant and that they are married.

They announced they are expecting a child in the first part, got married in the second, visited a doctor in the third part, and had a gender reveal party in the fourth. The series was so shocking, their fans had many questions, including what are the real ages of Danielle and Mikey for them to be able to get married.

However, the fourth part concluded with them revealing to us and their family at the gender reveal party that it was all a prank. They went on to deliver a teen pregnancy PSA at the end.

But that did nothing but incite a firestorm of heated reactions. Many found their video insensitive and feel the teens aren’t appropriate role models for maturity and relationships.

Cohn’s mother, Jennifer, said that while there was no marriage, it was not a stunt for fame. She claims that her daughter “committed to her best friend” and “made a promise.”

Nonetheless, YouTube users don’t see it as harmless clickbait. After all the backlash, the couple apologized and pledged to donate proceeds from the video to Planned Parenthood.

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