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What if a Hollywood dream romance takes a deadly turn? Lifetime Movies’ latest thriller, Killer Reputation, is one such story. Before it premieres on February 15, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. EST, we’ve got the plot and cast details of Lifetime Movies’ Killer Reputation to whet your appetites.

Lifetime Movies’ Killer Reputation Plot

It’s hard getting over the breakup of our favorite Hollywood couple. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux—it’s all a lot for our poor hearts. But Lifetime Movies just put a deadly spin on a celebrity breakup.

Killer Reputation’s leading lady and unfortunate victim of a psychopathic killer is Adrienne. She’s not the typical, high-flying PR agent we’re prone to seeing fictionalized on the screen.

Adrienne is efficient, but keeps a low profile on her job. She is content with not being a big-time Hollywood agent and prefers to maintain her good reputation.

But she gambles with her own reputation when she takes the case of Gareth, an actor she has history with. Gareth was one of the top action stars in the industry at the height of his career. However, his popularity has started to wane.

Adrienne’s task is bigger than just putting Gareth at the top again. She not only has to salvage his career, she needs to prove he is not a killer.

You see, Adrienne and Gareth were college sweethearts. After they went their separate ways, Gareth became an action star and married a popular and beloved actress.

However, Gareth and his wife split and his ex-wife later turns up dead. There’s an uproar over the adored actress’ murder and everyone thinks the disgruntled ex-husband, aka Gareth, is the one who killed her.

Adrienne, who thinks he’s still the Gareth she dated in college, believes he is innocent. She decides to help him out, but it’s not without difficulty.

Adrienne’s associates try to discourage her by saying he’s a dangerous man. However, the real danger is lurking around Gareth and targeting everyone in his life, including Adrienne.

Lifetime Movies’ Killer Reputation Cast

Anna Hutchison

Character: Adrienne

Anna Hutchison from New Zealand is most memorable to mid-’00s kids as the Yellow Cheetah Ranger in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury. Besides acting in a number of New Zealand dramas, the 33-year-old had a recurring role in the Charlie Sheen-led sitcom, Anger Management.

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The last time she delved into the Lifetime Movies realm, she starred in 2017’s Married to a Murderer. She returns to Lifetime with Killer Reputation where she portrays a Hollywood PR agent who not only has to clear her ex’s name, but save the both of them from the real killer.

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Mark Lawson

Character: Gareth

Mark Lawson is best known as Brody Lovett from the ABC daytime soap One Life to Live. In addition to his run on OLL, he has had minor TV roles, including in Cold Case and Pitch.

He also wrote, directed, and acted in a short movie, Peek-A-Booin 2015. The last we saw him in a Lifetime movie was when he had a brief role in Ex-Wife Killer in 2017.

This time, he has the starring role in Lifetime’s Killer Reputation, as a fading Hollywood star. He’s further shunned by the industry when he’s accused of killing his ex-wife. His only hope is his ex, who is the only one who doesn’t think he’s a killer. But there’s someone out there who’s trying to make him look like one.

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