From the Scene of Married to a Murderer. Credits:Youtube

This weekend, Lifetime Movies will present a new thriller to its viewers called Married to a Murderer, and the plot of the film will definitely keep you glued to your seats! It’s about a woman who is getting married to one of the twin brothers but finds herself in a dangerous situation. Given below are the details about Married to a Murderer on Lifetime Movies.

Married to a Murderer Plot

Raised by her grandmother, Emma was was instilled with the idea of working hard for her dreams and goals from a very young age. She has worked hard for everything she has and is proud of her simple life.

Emma falls in love with Ted, who she admired growing up. He is a very rich man and is smitten by her, so when Ted proposes to Emma, she obviously says yes.

She is then introduced to a luxurious world. But her new world also includes Ted’s twin brother, Frank.

Emma moves in with Ted at his family’s old house. But Frank is not able to put a happy facade for everything his twin brother has. He feels jealous of Ted’s success and his bride-to-be, Emma.

Frank suffers from blackouts and manic episodes because of a traumatizing accident he experienced when he was younger. Ultimately, Emma realizes that Frank is a danger to everybody and getting between the twins is highly dangerous for her life.

Married to a Murderer Cast

Anna Hutchison

Character: Emma

Anna Hutchison is a New Zealand actress famous for her roles as Delphi Greenlaw on Shortland Street. Her other known work iincludes Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities, Go Girls, The Cabin in the Woods, Spartacus: War of the Damned, and Anger Management.

Anna Hutchison, Cast member from Married to a Murderer

Anna Hutchison, cast member from Married to a Murderer. (Credits: Instagram/annhut)

The 32-year-old’s career started on the New Zealand soap opera, Shortland Street. Gradually, she found her way in the American TV industry by starring in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Aaron Arnold

Character: Frank

Aaron Arnold is an actor and a writer. He is famous for his roles in Splitting Image, Papua, and The Case.

As a producer, Arnold has worked on Papua and Aaron & Brian Show, where he produced eight episodes of the show. His writing credits include The Match and the Aaron & Brian Show.

Aaron Arnold, Cast member from Married to a Murderer

Aaron Arnold, Cast member from Married to a Murderer. Credits:Facebook/Aaron Arnold

Throughout his career, Arnold has worked on movies and TV shows like Hall of Fame, Aaron & Brian Show (TV mini-series), The Match, The Case, My Crazy Ex (TV series), Sketchy (TV series), That Asian Guy (TV series), Treasures, Splitting Image, Hotel Du Loone (TV series), and That Much.

Austin Arnold

Character: Ted

Austin Arnold is Aaron Arnold’s twin brother, who is also an actor and a writer.

Throughout his career, Arnold has been a part of films like Power of Money, The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants, The 5th Food Group, The Case, The Bad Guy, Treasures, Splitting Image, Perfect Citizens, Papua, Across the Ocean, and That Much.

Austin Arnold, Cast member from Married to a Murderer

Austin Arnold, cast member from Married to a Murderer. (Credits: Facebook/Austin Arnold)

In case you haven’t watched the thrilling trailer of Married to a Murderer yet, then check it out below.

Also, don’t forget to watch Married to a Murderer on August 18, 2018, at 8:00 p.m. EST on Lifetime Movies!