Photo: Kaitlyn Folmer Twitter

About Kaitlyn Folmer
Age41 Years
BirthJune 13, 1983
SiblingsNicholas Folmer
ParentsCharlotte Mae Folmer, Harry Allen Folmer
AddressNew York, New York
CountryUnited States
JobReporter, Producer
AlumniNew York University
Works ForABC News
HometownLebanon, Pennsylvania
FiancéJonathan Morris

Kaitlyn Folmer is set to marry Fox News religion correspondent, Jonathan Morris, in the near future. Less than a year ago, Morris made headlines when he chose to leave priesthood so he could pursue his dreams to have a family. Jonathan Morris’ wife-to-be is now the center of attention. The Internet is curious about who Kaitlyn Folmer is. That’s why we’ve compiled Kaitlyn Folmer’s wiki as the perfect primer on this investigative reporter.

Kaitlyn Folmer’s Family

Kaitlyn Folmer, born on June 13, 1983, is a native of Lebanon, Pennsylvania. She is the only daughter of two children born to Harry Allen Folmer and Charlotte Mae Folmer. Her brother’s name is Nicholas Folmer.

Kaitlyn and Nicholas’ maternal grandmother, Grace Zipporah Graham Kotulka, was an active part of their local church community until she passed away in 2011. Kaitlyn’s grandmother is remembered for many things, including serving as a Deaconess, Sunday School teacher, gospel musician,  and a cook in Haiti for church missions.

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Kaitlyn Folmer’s Career

Kaitlyn Folmer, who graduated from New York University, is currently based in New York. While her fiancé is a religion correspondent at Fox News, she has been a reporter at ABC News.

At the outset of her career, Folmer was working in various markets. That included news stations in Ohio, Texas, Washington, Michigan, Maryland, Florida, California, and Illinois.

Her resume also boasts working as a booker at Good Morning America. Her job entailed getting the guests on GMA.

After working at an ABC affiliate in New York, she worked at, Yahoo!, and ABC NewsOne before coming to ABC News. Besides working as a reporter, she’s also a producer for ABC News Investigates.

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Kaitlyn Folmer and Jonathan Morris’ Relationship

Jonathan Morris, once a pastor in New York, is currently the religion contributor at Fox News. He made headlines a year ago when he left the Catholic priesthood because he regretted “not being able to marry and have a family.”

He said there were no existing relationships that led him to leave priesthood. Pope Francis relieved him of his duties after Morris followed due process, allowing him to marry in church. Shortly after leaving the priesthood, Jonathan Morris met Kaitlyn Folmer.

“Soon after, Kaitlyn and I went to lunch. One month later, we went to dinner. Every day since, we have seen each other or spoken by phone,” Morris said. “In November of last year Pope Francis gave me the final dispensation from my vows and encouraged me to live my faith publicly as a lay person.”

Morris further added, “I see all of this – including my 17 years as a priest – as an amazing blessing from God. I just can’t wait to marry Kaitlyn and be with her for the rest of my life. I will continue to express my faith in God and my love for the Church in this new chapter of my life.”

They reportedly got engaged last month before making it public. But it appears the couple’s colleagues were in the know, as sources close to them told media outlets how happy they were to know about Morris’ and Folmer’s engagement.

Folmer and Morris haven’t revealed a date yet given the pandemic. However, they reportedly will tie the knot at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

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