Kendis Gibson from the early-morning news broadcast, AMERICA THIS MORNING (Photo: ABC/Heidi Gutman)

Kendis Gibson gave ABC World News Now viewers a bit of a rude awakening on Monday (December 17), when he announced he’s leaving his broadcast home of more than three years. While his colleagues are seemingly rejoicing about having him out of their hair, the early morning news hours won’t be the same for WNN viewers.

Why Is Kendis Gibson Leaving ABC World News Now?

Kendis Gibson announced his departure from ABC World News Now live on Monday’s broadcast. While his colleagues are ecstatic, the show’s viewers are going to miss him. The 40-year-old’s final show with WNN is on Friday, and he’s reportedly going to reveal what’s next for him in the future.

If you’re wondering why Kendis Gibson is leaving WNN, he said during his Monday announcement that he’s going to join the “daywalkers.” He’s been a mainstay on ABC’s early morning time slot since 2014, and his quirky liveliness has earned him loyal fans.


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Kendis Gibson has revealed that Friday will be his last day serving as co-anchor for World News Now… and we couldn’t be happier! Join us as we celebrate this momentous occasion all this week!

Posted by World News Now on Monday, December 17, 2018

He has covered every major news event, including the 2016 presidential campaign, for the morning broadcast. He even recalls working through food poisoning.

After adopting a nocturnal lifestyle in the newsroom for the last few years, Gibson is ready to return to normal human hours of sleeping during the night. In the countdown to Friday, ABC has been hilariously promoting his departure, with the latest joke being that he’s “dancing to unemployment.”

As his fans know, Gibson is known to bust a move or two on air—kind of like the Ellen DeGeneres of the newsroom. WNN compiled a montage of his best moves before his final WNN broadcast, to send him off with a touch of humor.

Dancing to Unemployment

Posted by Kendis Gibson on Thursday, December 20, 2018

Where Is Kendis Gibson Going Now?

After a tribute, Gibson bid farewell to the World News Now colleagues. ABC cameras followed him to capture his immediate plans, which are in picturesque Belize.

Belize-born Gibson appears to have flown straight out from the studio to his home country. Hilarity ensues when his news anchor attire makes him stand out on the vacation scene in Belize.

And if his send-off couldn’t get any better, he’s joined by a life-sized cutout of Ryan Gosling and, together, they frolic around a beach.

Gibson keeps his personal life private and there’s no indication of his relationship status anywhere. The 2D Ryan Gosling is about the closest thing we’ve got to a Kendis Gibson romance rumor.

In all seriousness, though, Gibson hasn’t revealed what’s next for him on TV. He’s probably taking some time off until we hear about his next job.

It’s not clear if he’s really spending time in Belize, but he’s not done with broadcast yet. He’s probably not returning to the early morning news any time soon, however.

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He’s Been with ABC Since 2011

After graduating from the State University of New York at Oswego in 1994, Gibson began his news career at NBC’s Rochester affiliate station. He would go on to become a correspondent for NBC News in 2000.

He later switched to CNN, where he covered the entertainment scene. He also had a three-year hosting stint on HGTV showcasing the newest gadgets for the home.

Gibson previously worked for Fox News in San Diego and CBS News in Los Angeles. He would later join ABC News in Rosslyn, Virginia in 2011.

After three years there, he moved on to ABC News in New York where he anchored World News Now. Now, Gibson is leaving ABC News and throngs of saddened fans behind.

WNN viewers have been tweeting their gratitude to Gibson for helming the morning news hour. Most are going to miss him on his regular broadcast, but are anticipating his next gig. Rest assured, his fans are going to tune into whichever network Gibson joins next.