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Jacob Sartorius is on his way to super-stardom. He went from social media phenomenon to a teen music heartthrob, with thousands of girls in love with him. But who is Jacob Sartorius dating? We’ve got the scoop!

He may be only 14, but he knows how to make girls swoon over him. Jacob Sartorius became a heartthrob to young girls everywhere with his angelic voice. Girls want to be Jacob Sartorius’ girlfriend, and he knows that very well. Remember all those tweets about him wanting a girlfriend? But who has he dated? The kid already has half a dozen dating rumors! Take a look at Jacob Sartorius’ dating timeline, right here.

Luna Blaise

The 15-year-old is an actress best known for ABC’s, Fresh of the Boat. She was romantically linked to Sartorius when she played his love interest in his music video for “Sweatshirt” from his debut album, The Last Text. They both tweeted that they were officially dating, but deleted their respective tweets within a few minutes.

Maddie Ziegler

Sartorius was rumored to be dating Sia’s dance prodigy, but to date, there hasn’t been conclusive evidence. They haven’t even been seen together! Fans just thought that the two talented teens would be perfect for each other. Further fueling their relationship rumors was a fake video of Ziegler and Sartorius kissing. Fans debunked the clip saying it was photoshopped or that the girl pictured is not actually the Dance Moms alum.

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Ariel Martin

He was later linked to another rising Internet starlet. Ariel Martin is an aspiring actress and DJ, who’s also famous for her musical covers on under the name Baby Ariel. Jacob Sartorius, who also rose to fame thanks to, followed her on social media and she followed him back. They first met when they were invited to the Shorty Awards for their Internet work and “Jariel” became a thing. But after dating for two weeks, they decided to break up since they lived 12 hours away from each other. The long distance relationship proved to be too much for the 14-year-olds, but they continue to be friends.

Jordyn Jones

The 17-year-old competed on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and finished fifth. They were seen together often and Jordyn even said she liked him. Fans either speculated they were dating or wished they were. But Jacob Sartorius wasn’t ready for a relationship at that time. So, that was it for them!

The Fifth Girl

So, who is Jacob Sartorius dating right now? He’s actually single at the moment, but he does want to date! And guess what girls? He said he would date a fan! The mischievous singer also tweeted “I have a girlfriend… it’s you hehe.” So, he probably knows the effect he has on all the girls out there!

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