It’s a new week on The Voice! With the blind auditions now complete, we have officially stepped into The Voice battle rounds, and fans are excited to see which of their favorites make it through! In the battles, there is a twist; coaches also get to “steal” from a fellow coach! So, what happens when a coach “steals?” How many “steals” do The Voice coaches get? Keep reading to find out more.

Monday night was packed with powerhouse performances on The Voice. The contestants were paired up and given lots of celebrity advice as they battled it out to remain in the competition.

With such talented singers in the fray, it’s a hard decision for the judges to say goodbye to one of their own. But thanks to the “steal,” the rejected contestants of The Voice have a new lease on life!

So, how does The Voice “steal” feature work? We’ve got all the information for you, right here.

What Is a “Steal” on The Voice?

We love that The Voice introduces new features each season to keep the show fresh and fun!

The “steal” and “block” features are two of our favorites. While the “block” feature was introduced this season, the “steal” has been around since season three.

Let’s refresh your memory and take a quick look at how the “steal” feature works.

A “steal” helps keep a talented singer in the competition, even after he or she is eliminated in the battle rounds by The Voice coaches.

The “stolen” contestant then goes on to join the team of their new coach and continues to progress in the competition. It’s basically getting a second chance! How cool is that?

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How Many “Steals” Do the Coaches Get?

A coach only gets a limited number of “steals” for the battle rounds each season. So, it is very important for him or her to use them at the right time and for the right contestants.

Each coach is given two “steals” in the battle rounds. And over the years, we’ve seen coaches use their “steals” for some really talented singers.

For example, in season 13, Chloe Kohanski went on to win The Voice even after being eliminated by her coach, Miley Cyrus, in the battle rounds!

After Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton fought over her with a spectacular “double steal,” Kohanski chose Shelton as her new coach. He ultimately helped her win last season’s The Voice.

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Stealing the Night Away

It was a night of “steals” on Monday’s episode. Three of the four coaches used one “steal” each to save some of the contestants from leaving the competition.

First up, Shelton used his “steal” to save Dylan Hartigan from Team Kelly, after Hartigan lost to 14-year-old singing sensation Brynn Cartelli.

Then, it was Kelly Clarkson who used one of her “steals” to bring Tish Haynes Keys from Team Adam, after Keys lost to Rayshun LaMarr.

The last “steal” of the night belonged to Adam Levine. He won in a three-way battle to “steal” Jackie Foster from Team Kelly.

When Foster lost to D.R. King after the duo sang, “Sign of the Times,” the other three coaches tried to “steal” her away. However, Levine won that round.

Catch more of the action from The Voice battle rounds on Tuesday night. And watch out for more “steals” coming your way!