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Former NASCAR driver, Greg Biffle seems to be in deep water since his ex-wife, Nicole Lunders, has filed a case against him. If you are wondering who is Greg Biffle’s ex-wife, then take a look at our Nicole Lunders wiki.

Greg Biffle is in the media as his ex-wife, Nicole Lunders and his ex-mother-in-law have filed a case against him. According to sources, Biffle had set up hidden cameras inside his house. He had set up a camera in the master bedroom, as well as the guest room, where his ex-mother-in-law stayed. The two of them are suing him and Roush Fenway Racing for placing hidden cameras inside his estate on Lake Norman in Mooresville.

The lawsuit further states that there are visible cameras outside the home on Doolie Road, but hidden cameras were also installed in the bedroom, bathroom and the guest bedroom. It also further claims that Biffle recorded his ex-wife and ex-mother-in-law on video and showed the video to other people. Biffle explained (under oath) that his reason for installing the cameras was because he believed his maids were stealing things from his house. Legal experts are of the view that cameras can be installed in the house, but should not be fitted in a bedroom or bathroom. Well, we hope for the sake of Biffle’s career that things get sorted out soon for him, and we hope that he was not lying about the reason behind installing the hidden cameras!

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Many questions have been raised about the privacy issues. Biffle maintains that he was in no way spying on his ex-wife. Speaking of his ex-wife, people are wondering who was Greg Biffle married to? To answer their question, take a look at our Nicole Lunders wiki, right here.


Nicole Lunders’ Wiki

Lunders hails from Chehalis Washington. She completed her High School graduation in 1994 and attended Washington State University. Lunders had high hopes of becoming an Elementary school teacher. However, after her marriage to Greg Biffle, she ended up managing the Greg Biffle Foundation.

How She Became Greg Biffle’s Ex-Wife

Lunders and Biffle were dating each other for quite some time before getting hitched. According to some sources, they started dating in 1998 and got married on October 17, 2007. The couple was very happy with each other and during one of the interviews, when Lunders was asked if Biffle was romantic, she said he was not one of the “book type” romantic. She said he was sweet and caring and used to surprise her once in a while. The couple’s only daughter, Emma Elizabeth, was born on July 6, 2011. However, things did not go well in their marriage, so the couple decided to end things. They separated in early 2015 and eventually got divorced.

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The Greg Biffle Foundation

In the year 2005, Lunders and Biffle started the Greg Biffle Foundation to create awareness and to also spread the importance of animals’ well-being. Currently, there is no information on whether or not Lunders is still a part of the foundation since they got divorced. But back then, during one of the interviews, Lunders’ said the reason they started this movement was because, “I was noticing on the news a lot of abuse and neglect cases. We already had Foster at the time, so I couldn’t see how anyone could mistreat an animal…we love Foster and Gracie like children!! I knew that fans would pay more attention to someone like Greg before me, so I figured I could “speak” through him!! Race fans are loyal to their drivers so I knew if I did a calendar of people like Dale Jr. and Tony Stewart, and of course all of the drivers we used, I would gain interest.”

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