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Everybody, just keep dancing till all your worries go away! That’s a great motto for dance lovers and also for the fans of the hit dance reality show, Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). Viewers of the ABC network’s most popular game show can sit back and relax. Their concerns can take a break as no one needs to worry about the return of Dancing with the Stars. Admittedly, it’s only been 24 hours since we watched this season’s finale episode, but the millions of fans of the show are already becoming restless. They are no more eager about finding out the winner of Dancing with the Stars season. Instead, they now want to know more about the next season, especially the Dancing with the Stars season 23 cast. Also, they can’t wait to know the DWTS season 23 airing date to mark their 2017 calendars already!

If you have been viewing the show for over two decades, you will not shun your excitement about the upcoming season. Watching Monday (May 23) night’s finale episode of Dancing with the Stars season 22 was a treat indeed. It got even better when we saw the superb performances of the finalist couples. And, on Tuesday (May 24) night’s finale, we finally got to see the winners of Dancing with the Stars season 22. As we started celebrating the win of Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd, some of us already began missing the show.

Spoilers & Rumors for DWTS Season 23

Right after knowing who won the Dancing with the Stars season 22, fans became curious about the airing date and the new cast of the next season. Well, you all will be relieved to know that Dancing with the Stars season 23 will begin somewhere around March of next year. The exact airing date is not yet announced, but the show is likely to start in early 2017. There will be an all-new batch of celebrities pairing up with the best professional dancers in the country. We’d hate to ruin the anticipation with some rumors that may not turn out to be true, but we’d like to let you know that the celebrities will be partnering with professional partners from the previous seasons.

While there haven’t been any announcements on who the celebrities participating in Dancing with the Stars season 23 will be, there are some rumors going around about the new judges for the upcoming season. Rumor has it that Pitbull’s performance in this season’s finale could be a hint of his involvement in the upcoming season. People are wondering whether the DWTS showrunners have asked Pitbull to judge season 23.

What do you think? Will the rapper and singer be a participant on the next season? Or are we ready to see Pitbull as a judge on Dancing with the Stars season 23? Leave your comments below!