Nyle DiMarco poses at the 22nd Season Stars of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" cast announcement at Planet Hollywood Times Square on March 8, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic)

Last night’s finale episode of Dancing with the Stars was really intense! Every finalist couple put forth the best performances of the season, making it really hard for judges to pick a winner. And, it was equally tough for the viewers to decide whom they really loved the most. But, alas, there could be only one winner out of the three finalist couples of season 22. Till the very last moment Dancing with the Stars finale (2016) was keeping everybody guessing. The finalist couple Nyle DiMarco and his partner Peta Murgatroyd took the Mirror Ball trophy home by beating all the odds. Everyone out there who were eager to find out who won Dancing with the Stars season 22 was surprised as well as happy to see Nyle and Peta as the winners. After surviving the 10 weeks of arduous dance routines,Dancing fans are overjoyed to see Nyle DiMarco as the Dancing with the Stars winner (2016).

The model-turned-actor has shown a great rapport with Peta Murgatroyd, a professional dancer who’s happy to be a part of this victory. As we watched their amazing dances in both parts of the Dancing with the Stars finale episodes, the viewers of the shows as well as the couple’s ardent fans made sure they voted for them. The rumors of Nyle and Peta winning the Dancing with the Stars season 22 were already in the air, way before the finale week began. Most of the Dancing with the Stars predictions were indicating that this finalist couple had the strongest chance of bagging the trophy.

Nyle & Peta Win Dancing with the Stars!

While fans of Nyle and Peta are pleased to see them win the season, there are many others who are feeling down. They are the fans of the other two couples from the Dancing with the Stars finalists list. If you missed out on last night’s finale episode, we’d like to let you know the scores of every finalist couple. Coming in as the second runners-up was broadcaster Ginger Zee who, along with her partner Valentin Chmerkovsky, garnered a combined score of 85. Ginger and Val scored 27 for last night’s performances, which was added to previous night’s score of 58.

UFC fighter and model Paige VanZant and her partner Mark Ballas were the first runners-up with a combined total of 89 (adding 30 to their previous score of 59). If the winners were based upon the scores, then Paige and Mark would have been the winning couple. However, it was the votes that made Nyle and Peta win the show. Despite of a total score of 87, Nyle and Peta received more votes than any other finalist couple.

Cheers to Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd, the winners of Dancing with the Stars season 22 (2016). Take a look at video below to see the first exclusive interview with Nyle and Peta as the winning couple.