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Bronte Blampied turns heads wherever she goes. People are asking “Who is Bronte Blampied?” According to unconfirmed reports, Bronte Blampied is Justin Bieber’s new girlfriend. This tall, leggy girl is 5’7” in height. She is a model with a rising career graph. Don’t believe us? Check out the Bronte Blampied wiki page on the net. While she has received sudden media attention after being seen with Bieber in the last couple of weeks, she is famous in her own right. People are curious to know about her so hold on! We are going to tell you some facts about Blampied.

All Thanks to Mother

Blampied has a sister and a brother as well. Her sister’s name is Madison Blampied. Blampied is very close to her mother Chris Blampied. Blampied says that whatever she has and has achieved is because of her mother. She gives full credit of her achievements to her mother. Though Blampied has just started her modeling career she also has a large fan following. Bronte Blampied’s Instagram has more than 10,000 followers.

Living the Good Life

Blampied simply loves traveling. She has gone to several countries including Italy, Cambodia and Thailand. She likes to stay in classy hotels. Being at the beach is another favorite activity of Blampied. No wonder she owns so many bikinis. Not only that, Blampied likes to post bikini pictures of herself on the Internet. Nobody is complaining about that. Blampied loves to eat delicious looking food. She also likes to eat tropical foods when she is at the beach.

Bronte Blampied’s Age

People are asking “How old is Bronte Blampied?” Information on that is sadly not available. Several websites have details of Blampied but not about her age. People are curious to know if she is older or younger to Bieber. They do appear to be close to each other with Blampied partying with him in Hawaii, London and being seen at his apartment. Sources say that during their stay in London, both kept to each other and Blampied was at Bieber’s side all along.

Friends and Lovers

The funny thing is that Blampied is friends with Sahara Ray and Sofia Richie. Both these models have been linked with Bieber before. In fact just two weeks back pictures of Bieber and Richie were all over the magazines and the net. So what’s going on? Though Blampied has been seen with Bieber not everybody is convinced that she is his girlfriend. There has been no PDA so far. Maybe everybody is jumping the gun. Maybe Blampied and Bieber are just friends.

The Show has just Begun

Bieber has a thing for beautiful models. After Sahara Ray and Sofia Richie he has been seen with model Blampied. Bieber does not have his privacy when he steps out in public. Now that Blampied is being rumored to be his latest girlfriend, she too is going to be hounded by the media. Blampied better get ready to handle this kind of attention from the paparazzi. Fans of Bieber sent hate mail to Richie. Nobody knows how they will react to Blampied. All we can say to Blampied is ‘Welcome to the jungle.’

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