Angel Brinks attends Bossip Best Dressed List Event (Photo: Maury Phillips/Getty Images for WE tv )

About Angel Brinks
Age41 Years
BirthOctober 19, 1982 Los Angeles, California
ChildrenAzari, Amani
CountryThe United States of America
JobFashion Designer
OwnsAngel Brinks
BoyfriendJackie Long
TV ShowBasketball Wives: LA

Who is fashion designer Angel Brinks? The woman who is most famous for the reality show Basketball Wives: LA is dating actor Jackie Long, and we have all the information you need about her. Read about all the celebrities she has worked with in the past!

Angel Brinks is a fashion designer known for dressing stars like Blac Chyna and Amber Rose. The curvaceous woman has an eclectic sense of style, which she shares with many celebrities, and is often the mastermind behind some of their famous looks! Here are some more interesting facts about the reality TV personality in this detailed Angel Brinks wiki.

Angel Brinks Always Knew She Wanted to Be in the Fashion Business

Angel Brinks, age 36, was born on October 19, 1982. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and comes from a strict Armenian home where her parents wanted her to be either a doctor or a lawyer and school was of utmost importance.

She says that she discovered her creative side early, and knew that she wanted to do something along those lines later in life.

As a kid, she took up dancing lessons and was in choir, too. She would sneak out to her take her dance classes, because she didn’t want her mother to know that she was around boys.

And it was during this time that she realized fashion and clothing was her calling.

She was a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez, and looking at all the creative outfits and costumes inspired her to do something on her own.

Angel Brinks Designs for Some of the Biggest Names Today

From Trina and Cardi B to Blac Chyna and Amber Rose, Angel is the woman behind some of the most eye-catching outfits today!

She launched her line of clothing, giving the brand her own name, in 2010. Leggings were all the rage back then, and she knew that she could do something very different with them. So, she started with just designing leggings.

She took them to the next level by adding sequins to them, dipping them in glitter, and changing the way they were worn.

It was a huge hit, and customers came looking for matching tops to go with the bottoms!

She slowly got into designing bodysuits, and before you knew it, Nicki Minaj was wearing her creations, too.

Brinks’ Ex-Husband Committed Suicide

Angel has two children, both from different men. Her son, Azari, was born to her and her ex-husband, whose name is still a secret. Angel said that she was nine months pregnant with Azari when her ex-husband took his own life.

The reason for his suicide is unknown, and Angel doesn’t like talking about it, either.

But there are reports claiming that he took his life after an argument he’d had with Angel.

She said that she couldn’t enjoy her pregnancy and the birth of her first child like most people, but she worried mostly for her child, who was going to have to grow up without a father.

Azari is now 10 years old, and though he has a half-sister, Amani, who was born to NBA player Tyreke Evans, he doesn’t really think of him as a father figure.

Her Friend Draya Introduced Her to Basketball Wives: LA

Angel is good friends with co-star Draya Michele, and it was the latter who suggested that she come on the show as a guest appearance.

Angel got the call, even though the season had already begun shooting, and she was selected for it.

Eventually, she also got the offer to join the cast, which she did, and it has been one of her biggest successes yet.

Along with her growing fame as a reality star, she is also being recognized for her cosmetics, makeup, and accessories lines. You can head over to her official website to shop the products and also get a glimpse of what’s coming up!

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Angel’s Rough Relationship with Indiana Pacers’ Tyreke Evans

Angel Brinks began dating Tyreke back in 2014 and 2015, which was also the time she debuted on the show she is most known for—Basketball Wives: LA. She faced a lot of controversial situations in the beginning, with people calling her a gold-digger and even s**ut-shaming her for her past as an escort in Las Vegas.

Nonetheless, she was completely invested in Tyreke and believed that he was the man for her. The couple then announced that they were having a child together. Amani is five years old now.

Though Angel and Tyreke are not together anymore, they co-parent Amani. Angel and Tyreke faced many obstacles in their relationship, including infidelity, and the whole thing came crumbling down a while later, leading them to separate for good.

Angel has repeatedly said that she is not a gold-digger and that she has a career of her own, and all the money she needs.

She even had a word with her mother Silva about the situation, and she was advised that she was going to have to deal with it. Silva warned Angel that it’s part of the basketball life and that she is proud of her daughter for all the things she has achieved so far.

Angel was looking for love, which she thought she had with Tyreke, but unfortunately, both of them had to make the decision to sever the bond.

Angel Has a New Man in Her Life

Angel is currently dating actor Jackie Long, and she is happier than ever! Check out her Instagram page if you think otherwise. She posted a couple of pictures with Long with loving captions, which has reassured fans that she’s in a healthy relationship now.

Jackie Long’s girlfriend is making sure she treats her man like a king, and the connection the couple shares is beautiful.

She can’t stop gushing over how good he is with her children, and how he is the perfect father figure for them. Especially to Azari.

“You have never missed any of Azari’s games, knowing his father isn’t alive, you have stepped in and changed his life for the better by being a real man he can learn from. You color with Amani, carry her when she doesn’t want to walk, and you are her biggest hype man during gymnastics. You take them to school so I can sleep in,” one of her captions read on Instagram.

Will we hear wedding bells soon? We’ll have to wait and watch!

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