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About Mary Lou Lofton
Age66 Years
BirthJune 28, 1958 Illinois
SpouseChuck Lofton
ChildrenTim Lofton, Phillip Lofton, Paul Lofton
SiblingsLynn, Mary
ParentsWilma Brayshaw (Mother), Terry Brayshaw (Father)
AlumniSouthern Illinois University Carbondale

Indiana’s veteran meteorologist of over three decades, Chuck Lofton, was MIA on WTHR recently. The station revealed that he underwent surgery for a medical emergency and is currently recovering. That has also brought attention to his personal life. Chuck Lofton’s wife, Mary Lou Lofton, is probably by his side as he is on the mend. The weatherman’s social media followers would be familiar with his wife and their sweet relationship. She is, however, pretty low-key, and the local Indianapolis community wants to know more about her. So we reveal who Mary Lou Lofton is here.

Mary Lou Lofton’s Family

Mary Lou Brayshaw was born on June 28, 1958. She originally hails from DuQuoin, Illinois.

She is one of three daughters born to Wilma Brayshaw and Terry Lynn Brayshaw. Her father, Terry, passed away in 1987 and her mother, Wilma, passed away in 2001.

They are survived by their daughters, Lynn, Bonnie, and Mary, and their respective spouses and children.


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Mary Lou Lofton’s Education and Career

Mary Lou Brayshaw graduated from DuQuoin High School in 1976. She later studied radio and television at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and graduated in 1979.

Not much is known about Mary Lou’s career. She listed a stint as a debate coach at Covenant Christian High School in Indianapolis from 2002 to 2007.

Mary Lou Lofton and Charles Lofton’s Relationship and Kids

Illinois natives Chuck Lofton and Mary Lou Brayshaw have been together for over four decades, and are still going strong. They celebrate their wedding anniversary on August 18.

They are parents to three children—Paul, Tim, and Phillip Lofton. Mary and Chuck also adore their daughters-in-law, Heidi and Courtney, and future daughter-in-law, Megan.

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One of their sons, Tim, is currently based in California with his wife. He has held jobs in the IT field.